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Why do I have to maintain the new car when I drive home? It is important to remember these points

2021-08-26 15:26:34 Oriental Information automobile

How to look at your new car

People often say that , The car is like a bosom friend in a previous life , Every time car lovers buy their own car , Care for it , I can't wait to park in the garage , I'm afraid the car will be hurt a little . Car lovers go through a lot of screening when choosing their own car , Choose a suitable model for yourself , But after getting the new car back , We have to face the problem of car maintenance . Car supplies ?/ Beauty modification ?/ Maintenance ?/ Car decoration is the content that users will consider after selecting a good car , How to make your car both wind and fashion , Both practical and personalized ? In fact, new cars also need good care and regular maintenance , What I want to say below should be taken seriously .

How to maintain various models

In most cases, we choose the right model ,4s The shop consultant will tell you , This car has a guaranteed first time , The user can perform the first service at the time he says , The most important thing is that this service is completely free . The user can carry out the first maintenance when he has time and has not passed the first maintenance time . How to maintain the self-propelled vehicle with the moving gear ? Many automatic users , When I first bought a new car, I took good care of it . . But most of them , The new car is driving to 2 Maintenance can be carried out at 10000 kilometers , Because in this way, your car can always maintain a very good state , The safety factor is very high . . The first 2 After the first service , The user needs to maintain the car regularly , In this way, the basic stability of the vehicle can be maintained , We recommend your car every 6000 I have to do a small maintenance every kilometer .

Details to pay attention to in maintenance

In addition, when maintaining the new car, you should also pay attention to the maintenance of cleanliness . The exterior paint of the new car is very good , It's best not to always clean , If cleaning is particularly frequent , The aging of the exterior paint will come very quickly , By that time, the paint will turn yellow 、 Fall off , So don't wash the car fast . When servicing a new car, pay attention to changing the oil . . If the engine needs to work well , Oil is needed as a lubricant and fuel agent . . therefore , Do not use unsuitable oil , Most car owners don't pay attention to the choice of engine oil during maintenance , Finally, bad engine oil or oil not suitable for the model was selected , It will cause a lot of carbon deposition in cars , So as to increase vehicle fuel consumption . Many other riders think , The more oil in the engine, the better , But in fact, if there are too many friends, the engine oil will not only damage the engine , At the same time, the engine efficiency and power can't achieve the original effect, which is why some people's car maintenance is worse .

Why is it so important to maintain a good car

So , Actually, after you buy your car and drive home , Be sure to maintain on time , At the same time, the selection of engine oil is also very important . Users can regard their car as their good friend and brother , Such a car can better serve us .

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