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It is necessary to legislate to stop for more than three minutes and turn off the engine!

2021-08-26 15:26:38 Oriental Information automobile

Every time the rules are handed over, a new , The first reaction of many car owners is “ make everything one's business ”, Now traffic regulations regulate your driving , No matter how fast you drive , Whether you can get into the driver's seat or not , Seriously, everything , Now? , Another regulation enters the management project —— Stop and turn off !

Stopping and stalling is a normal operation , But not all parking needs to be turned off , For example, the road ahead is congested , Even if you can only move once every three minutes , You don't shut down frequently ? Otherwise, it will take a lot of trouble to restart ? And those who like to turn on the air conditioner in the car , People stop for rest , Turn off the air conditioner while turning off the engine , What am I still doing in the car ? Why don't you go home and sleep under the quilt !

The car owner has the right to stop the car without stopping the engine , It should be normal ? It's like buying home appliances , It's my business if I can't open it , I have to pay the electricity bill ? Even if I open the fridge just to freeze a watermelon , Who or what is in the way ? You can say that in order to avoid waste, you advised me to eat the watermelon and close the refrigerator , But you can't force me to turn off the fridge , It's not in line with common sense !

But now , All of you should be careful , Because in some cities , Parking and flameout are really included in the law —— In order to reduce the air pollution caused by automobile engine exhaust , Promote energy conservation and environmental protection , Improve air quality , Tianjin and other regions have “ Stop for three minutes and turn off ” Write regulations , Advise drivers who stop for more than three minutes to turn off their engines , This is especially true without affecting road traffic and in urgent need of parking .

The regulation is accompanied by a fine , Whoever fails to shut down the engine in accordance with the regulations may be fined not less than 20 yuan but not more than 200 yuan , It's really wide and strict , In the future, car owners will drive , You should start to pay attention to whether you turn off the engine or not , If an uncle of the traffic police accidentally sees you blowing warm air in the car to have a rest , Maybe a $200 ticket for parking without turning off hit you on the head !

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