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The Chinese Ambassador fund supports vocational education, and young people in Africa are awarded entrepreneurship products

2021-08-26 15:29:33 Beijing daily client

According to China's official account of WeChat public in Burkina Faso embassy ,8 month 20 Japan , The third ambassadorial entrepreneurship fund material awarding ceremony was held in Ouagadougou vocational training center, Burkina Faso . This batch of ambassador entrepreneurship fund materials include the field of vocational education 6 A professional entrepreneurial product , Issued to 50 The name comes from Burkina Faso 13 Outstanding graduates of vocational training schools .

Li Jian, Chinese ambassador to Burkina Faso, said , China attaches great importance to bilateral cooperation in vocational education . At the beginning of the resumption of diplomatic relations between China and Burundi , It is convenient for China to send a vocational education team to work . Under the impact of COVID-19 , China still 2021 At the beginning of the year, experts of the second vocational education group were sent . For more than three years , The cooperation in Vocational Education between China and Burundi has achieved good results . China will continue to uphold “ Teaching a man to fish is better than giving him a fish ” Idea , Take vocational education as a priority area of China Burundi cooperation , Committed to helping Burundi train more young talents , Create more jobs , Enhance the position of the technology industry , Promote the economic development of Burundi , Enhance the ability of independent development .

Youth in Burkina Faso 、 Tim Torre, Minister of entrepreneurship and employment promotion, said , It is believed that the cooperation in the field of Vocational Education between China and Burkina Faso will bring new and greater impetus to the economic development of Burkina Faso . He hopes that the award-winning outstanding students will make full use of entrepreneurial materials , Strengthen self-development ability 、 Improve the ability of independent employment 、 Enhance the competitiveness of the industry , Contribute to national development .

The embassy introduced , The ambassador entrepreneurship fund is one of the important work contents of the vocational education group of Buenos Aires , It is used to purchase relevant materials to support the entrepreneurship and employment of excellent graduates of vocational schools , At the same time, encourage the majority of students to enhance their enterprising consciousness , Carry forward the craftsman spirit , Try to improve your skills .

according to the understanding of , Technical assistance project for the second phase of vocational training center in Burkina Faso 7 Experts are dispatched by Hunan foreign trade vocational college , Arrived in Burkina Faso at the beginning of this year . The expert group focuses on CNC and mold 、 Mechatronics 、 Car maintenance 、 Computer 、 Electrician 、 Professional field of pipeline maintenance , A two-year vocational education will be carried out in Burkina Faso , And invite 20 Two Burmese personnel came to China for internship and training 7 Months .

Burkina Faso is a landlocked country in West Africa , area 27.4 10,000 square kilometers , Population 2030 ten thousand .2018 year 5 month 26 Japan , China and Burundi signed a joint communique in Beijing , Restore diplomatic relations at the ambassadorial level .

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