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The death toll from the earthquake in Western Haiti rose to 2207

2021-08-26 15:29:44 Beijing daily client

Haitian Civil Defense Department 22 Day said , As of that morning , Haiti 14 What happened on 7.2 A magnitude earthquake has caused 2207 People have been killed 、12268 People were injured , have other 344 People are missing .

8 month 21 Japan , A girl walks inside a stadium used as a temporary shelter in Les Cayes, Haiti . Picture source : The xinhua news agency

The Haitian Civil Defense Department said on social media that day , As the remains of the victims were found in the south of the country , The death toll has risen to 2207 people . Besides , The earthquake also caused more than 5.2 Ten thousand houses were destroyed , about 7.7 Ten thousand houses were damaged .

at present , International aid materials have arrived in Haiti . Because of the road 、 Bridge damage and safety , Food in some areas 、 The supply of water and medical supplies is facing difficulties .

Haitian Prime Minister Henry 20 Said Monday , The country is about 70 Ten thousand people need humanitarian assistance , The challenge of post earthquake reconstruction is huge .

According to the U.S. Geological Survey seismic information network , Local time 14 Japan 7 when 29 branch , An accident occurred in nips Province in Western Haiti 7.2 An earthquake of magnitude , The epicenter was about... From Port au Prince, the capital of Haiti 150 km , The focal depth is about 10 km .

2010 year 1 month 12 Japan , What happened in Haiti 7.3 An earthquake of magnitude , exceed 30 Ten thousand people were killed .

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