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It's summer! Beijing today has fog and rain, local wind and hail; Local heavy rain in 9 provinces and cities

2021-08-26 15:29:47 Beijing daily client

“ There are no three days in summer , New cool straight ten thousand gold .”

8 month 23 Japan 5 when 35 branch , We welcome “ In the heat ” Solar terms .“ It's about ” person , Go also , The heat stops here , In the cool autumn wind , Autumn comes slowly .

Autumn is beginning to show , Thunderstorms are frequent . From yesterday evening to night , There are scattered thunderstorms in some parts of Beijing . Today and tomorrow , The sun is still lazy , There is still rain today , The rest of the rain in the mountains will remain tomorrow .

According to the @ The weather is Beijing news , This day Overcast light fog turns to thunder shower ( Local wind and hail ), Turn south to north wind, about three levels , The highest temperature 29℃; The night Overcast with light to moderate rain ( With thunder and lightning , Local wind and hail ) Turn cloudy , The north wind is one or two , Minimum temperature 20℃.

At present, the visibility in Beijing is poor , In particular, it is very popular 、 Visibility in southern areas such as TongZhou is poor , Please pay attention to traffic safety when traveling on Expressway .

There are obvious thunderstorms from this evening to night , Rainfall is unevenly distributed , The local short-term rainfall intensity is larger , Wind and hail , It is expected to have a certain impact on the traffic in the evening peak , Please pay attention to carrying rain gear and driving safety , Pay close attention to the approaching forecast and early warning information in time .

Estimated from 23 solstice 31 Japan , The highest temperature in Beijing 28℃ to 30℃, The minimum 19℃ to 20℃. With the summer balance gradually insufficient , The temperature difference between day and night increases gradually , Sooner or later, you can feel the coolness of early autumn , Please increase or decrease your clothes in time .

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