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The tank 300 Ranger version is on the market, with eye-catching color matching, 248800, or a familiar taste

2021-08-26 15:43:10 Auto Lab

recently , Great wall tank brand announces its tanks 300 Ranger model officially launched , The official quotation for this car is 24.88 ten thousand . tanks 300 The Ranger model can attract eyeballs without modification , Although the power of this car is still familiar , But the light green color of this version of the model is eye-catching , Give the younger generation of consumers more choice , At the same time, it also eliminates the problem of later modification by users .

Ranger tank 300 The overall appearance design is highly consistent with the style of ordinary models , It's just that the Ranger model is completely new , In addition to the larger black guard bar , Both sides of the front are also equipped with larger anti-collision blocks , Create a strong tough guy atmosphere for this car camp . in addition , Great Wall is also equipped with... Inside the front bumper of this car warn capstan , Further improve the outdoor survivability of this car .

The length, width and height of this model are 4760×1930×1927mm, The wheelbase is 2750mm, The front and rear track widths are 1608mm, Have 224mm Minimum ground clearance of . The shape of the side body is also hard , A black guard in the same color as the front bumper is equipped under the wheel arch , Create a strong feeling for the body . The new models are also equipped with fixed upper pedals , The pedal is equipped with anti-skid stripes, which can play an anti-skid effect . The tail also continues the style of ordinary board models , The difference is that the rear tail lamp adopts a three-stage design , The rear bumper is designed to be stronger , Rear fog lamps are equipped on both sides of the bumper to warn the vehicles behind .

The interior follows the style of ordinary models , The three piece multifunctional steering wheel has a strong shape , The leather fabric makes the steering wheel feel more comfortable . In addition to the integrated multi-function keys on the steering wheel , Also add shift paddles . The new models continue to be equipped with 12.3 Inch LCD dashboard , Altitude can be displayed on the instrument panel 、 pressure 、 Four tire pressure 、 The weather 、 Endurance mileage and other information , The displayed functions are very rich . Besides , This version also adjusts the rear seat layout , Except for the seats 2+3 Outside the seat layout , The rear seats can also be laid down proportionally , In this way, the maximum depth of the trunk can be extended to 1.53 rice , Good loading capacity .

The Great Wall still carries 2.0T The engine ,227ps Is the maximum horsepower of the engine , The rated power is 167 kw , Peak torque reached 387 Cattle meters , matching 8 Speed manual self - contained gearbox , Other hard core configurations include timely 4WD 、 Non load carrying body 、 Electric parking 、 Full size spare tire, etc , The configuration is richer than that of the ordinary version .

tanks 300 The biggest feature of the Ranger model is the eye-catching color , The new color indicates that the car has a stronger fashion flavor , It's a model for young people .

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