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Biography of Zhen Huan: Yu Rao and Yu Yin marry people they like, but they never have children

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《 Zhen Huan preach 》 Zhen Huan is the protagonist of the play , She is the eldest daughter of the family , And her only sister is a young sister, yurao , Huan Bi is an illegitimate daughter, so she changed her name to Yu Yin after she entered the waiting hall again and officially became Zhen Huan's righteous sister . Zhen Huan had to enter the palace and was loved by the Emperor , But in the end, I fell in love with Princess Guo , The love of the three sisters is not very smooth .

Like Yuyin , Although I married the person I like , But it was obtained by means , The king of Guojun has no feelings for her . Yu Rao , Because it is similar to the late queen Chunyuan, it is favored by the Emperor , But she doesn't like the Emperor , On the contrary, he fell in love with the emperor's brother Shen Beile , Then I said again and again that I was with Shen bailer .

But apart from Zhen Huan , The other two daughters of the Zhen family have no children , It's also a pity , On the first wedding night when Yuyin married the king of Guojun, the king of Guojun chose to go to Yuyin's house , But I didn't have any children later , So it can be seen that nothing happened to the two on their wedding night , Until Yu Yin's death, there were only Xian Fujin's children , Always can only raise other people's children .

We all know that neither Yu Yin nor Xian Fujin are the people the Lord likes , But why did side Fujin get pregnant first , But in fact, it was also a child conceived by means , Although Yuyin has always wanted to use means , But he was not pregnant , In the end, Xian Fujin got pregnant, but Yu Yin didn't , This is also a sad thing , The husband not only doesn't love, but also doesn't have two children .

And yurao , She married Shen bailer who loved herself , The relationship between the two people has always been very good , Only after there is no one in Guojun palace , He also chose to adopt Meng Jingxian's child yuanche as his adopted son. We all know , Why can't yurao have children , It must have something to do with my childhood experience , Maybe Yuyin really fell ill when she was young , That's why it's so hard to get pregnant .

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