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2022 scenery 500 appreciation sword finger Baojun 510 / Yuanjing X3 / Ruihu 5x

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Scenery brand's compact SUV Star models ——2022 The scenery 500 It has received high attention since its listing ,6.18-8.58 The price of 10000 yuan can be said to be very close to the people , Let's take a closer look today .

2022 The scenery 500 The appearance adopts a new black matrix air inlet grille , Young and steady at the same time . The big mouth grille is equipped with open angle headlights, which has high recognition .

The front bumper design is also exaggerated , Also added a red decorative strip , More dynamic , At the bottom are two transverse LED Daytime running light .

The body side , The lower part adopts a front to back upward design , The upper part is gradually tightened down from the top of the front row , The whole looks very dynamic . scenery 500 The length, width and height are respectively 4385/1850/1645mm, The wheelbase is 2655mm,2022 The scenery 500 Lock competitors in Baojun 510、 vision X3、 Tiggo or dingle 5X Wait for these models .

The real model provides keyless entry function , There is no need to take the key when driving everyday , Sometimes it's very inconvenient to hold a pile of things and find the key to open the door .

5 The spoke petal shaped rim is very similar , Tire brand: Chaoyang , The specification is 215/60 R17, wear-resisting , Drainage performance is also good , Platform price 480 element / strip , Car owners spend less money later .

The rear part , Invisible black C Eye catching column , The tailgate also has a large opening design , The tail lamp is an integrated design , The interior contains clearance lights 、 Brake lamp and turn signal lamp have three functions . The turn signal lamp is LED The light source .

The most sincere thing about scenery brand is “7 year /15 10000 km super warranty ”, And follow the car, not the people , This can also reflect the official confidence in their own products , On the other hand , It can also make the models under the scenery brand have a better hedging rate .

Came to the interior ,2022 The scenery 500 The interior mainly focuses on the two-color sports style design of the new Cloisonne fashion cabin , The interior design is very young , Suspended center control panel 、 Circular air conditioning outlet, etc .

2022 The scenery 500 This sporty leather steering wheel feels good , There is also a punching process on both sides , The multifunction buttons on both sides are also quite practical .

The shape of the dashboard is very traditional , On the left and right are the engine tachometer and speedometer , The monochrome LCD screen in the middle is used to provide some necessary driving information .

8.8 The inch suspended LCD central control screen is located directly above the instrument panel , Inside 4G Car networking 、 Online speech recognition control system 、360 Park in full view 、 Remote upgrade (OTA) And other functions are available .

The appearance of panoramic sunroof exceeds the configuration of models of this level , In addition to giving people a better sense of openness , And more face .

The seat is wide and soft , Soft padding is used where the elbow contacts . Driver's seat support 6 Directional regulation , And it's all manually adjusted ,

2022 The scenery 500 The rear seat is still in the main contact part of the body, and the punching process is used to increase air permeability . And support 4/6 Scale down separately . Under normal conditions ,2022 The scenery 500 Can provide 318 L luggage compartment volume , And after putting the rear seats down completely , You can get 1410 L of space .

The spatial performance is shown in the figure , height 166cm No matter sitting in the front row or the back row, the experimenter can get very ample space .

2022 The scenery 500 Carrying SFG15TA The engine , Maximum horsepower 150 horsepower , Maximum torque 220 cattle · rice , With high efficiency CVT Automatic transmission ,1800 The maximum torque can be output by rotating speed , The power take-off is direct , Start and speed up one step , And the comprehensive fuel consumption per 100 km is only 6.9L. This kind of 1.5T Turbocharged engines have been “ China heart ” Honorary title of top ten engines , The new car is equipped with a chassis system adjusted by European first-class experts , Excellent driving control and ride comfort .

2020 The scenery 500 The price close to the people makes many consumers have high-quality products without pressure SUV, And the scenery brand also wants consumers to think ,7 year /15 The 10000 km super warranty policy can be said to let consumers have no worries when using cars , hypothesis 4 After year , Consumers will enjoy the scenery 500 Sell as a used car , At this time, the vehicle still has 3 Annual warranty , Compared with vehicles without warranty , Have 7 year /15 Ten thousand kilometers of scenery 500 Used cars have a higher value preservation rate , So it seems , The budget 10 Within 10000 yuan ,2022 The scenery 500 It's still very worth buying .

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