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How many streets are there between 100% recyclable batteries, new energy vehicles and environmental protection?

2021-08-26 16:14:53 TechWeb

As long as any industrial product is produced in large quantities, it will produce environmental protection value , If mass production is improved, energy efficiency will be improved accordingly , Simply evaluating the environmental protection of fuel and electric energy is meaningless , The promotion of new energy vehicles mainly depends on whether countries and regions are highly dependent on petroleum energy . New energy vehicles are the plan to deal with the energy crisis , Environmental protection is just a coat .

     Is battery recycling equal to environmental protection ?

Musk recently said , Tesla's battery can 100% Recycling , Combined with the lithium ion battery recycling plan previously released by Tesla , This plan is absolutely environmentally friendly , And the results are remarkable . then , Some foreign experts jumped out to criticize , At present, no modern battery can be 100% Recycling , Because there are a lot of non recyclable materials .

In the Tesla report “100% Recycling ” Seems to mean “100% Used batteries will be recycled in some way ”, Instead of “ Every battery can be 100% Recycling ”. Actually , Heavy metals in lithium iron phosphate and ternary lithium batteries can be recycled , But the recovery cost is high . There's data saying , at present 1 The recovery of tons of lithium iron phosphate battery needs to go through multiple processes to purify heavy metals , The cost is as high as 8500 element , But the market value of the resulting metal is only 9000 element .

A button battery can pollute 60 Ten thousand liters of water , It's almost a person's lifetime drinking water . How to deal with it is the real environmental protection problem . One reason for the high cost of battery recycling is that major enterprises are eager for quick success and instant benefit in the early stage of industry development , It will not vigorously promote industries without high added value . With the development of the industry , Recycling will become a business , The real sense of environmental protection will come .

     The controversy over new energy

Production of products 、 Recycling , Energy production 、 Use and recycling are two closed loops , And related to each other . New energy vehicles have environmental protection advantages in use , This is indisputable . High speed driving will cause high power consumption due to wind resistance , So endurance has always been a problem . Reducing energy consumption and improving endurance are just two needs of users , Therefore, the investment of new energy vehicles in environmental protection should also work hard in these two aspects . Lightweight 、 New energy vehicles that reduce wind resistance while taking into account safety are the future trend .

The environmental protection of energy production is the most controversial field , The rude argument that electricity is equal to burning coal has always existed , Actually, it was 2016 In, China has begun to strictly control the construction of thermal power plants .2017 Year as an example , Proportion of installed capacity of new energy power generation in China 53.7%, More than half . On environmental protection , The national action is much faster than the new energy industry .

The reason why new energy can be widely popularized is , The petrochemical industry chain is complex and lengthy , There are also many middlemen , The degree of centralized management of electric power is high , To some extent, new energy and the Internet are rising simultaneously , The key is to improve efficiency , Environmental protection is just a by-product of efficiency .

Parts simplification does reduce carbon emissions , The production of new energy vehicles is not to subvert the tradition , Instead, it is the evolution of traditional cars . There are tens of thousands of parts for fuel vehicles , Therefore, the complexity of the harness is very high , New energy is relatively simple , Its environmental protection attribute is naturally very high . Another common sense is , There are more sources of electric energy , But as an intermediate energy , He is the transmission medium of clean energy .

Conclusion : New energy is more environmentally friendly , But new energy vehicles cannot be equated with environmental protection . Environmental protection is a coat of new energy , Lift this coat , Operation mechanism and production of energy 、 The transport mechanism is more worthy of rational interpretation . Remind users , The increased cost of environmental protection itself will eventually be paid by consumers , Products that preach environmental protection are destined to be expensive , The price is naturally expensive .

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