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The robot on the wheel is still far away? Musk push Tesla humanoid robot: first install two legs

2021-08-26 16:21:57 TechWeb

Beijing time. 8 month 23 Morning news , As report goes , More than two years ago , tesla CEO Elon · musk (Elon Musk) Once claimed to turn the electric car company into a robot rental fleet , The plan hasn't come true yet , He held another driverless technology conference that attracted wide attention in the industry .

The robot on the wheel seems far away , therefore , He first fitted the robot with two legs .

In this company AI Day Activity , Musk first spent about 90 Minute introduction and neural network 、 Computer vision 、 Technical problems related to data marking , Then he gave the stage to a humanoid robot .

From the aspect of appearance , The humanoid robot is like a robot in a white tights , A real person with a black helmet , It went on stage to imitate Fred · Astaire (Fred Astaire) After performing a dance , Musk said quickly :“ We should launch a prototype of this shape next year .”

And 2019 year 4 Of the month Autonomy Day Compared with ,50 At the age of, musk seems a lot cautious . He no longer predicts when the company will be able to achieve real driverless , It also seems to have deliberately avoided the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) For the Tesla Autopilot A formal investigation into possible defects in functionality —— Before that , There have been more than ten accidents involving emergency vehicles .

“ This robot is exciting , May boost share prices in the short term .” Wells Fargo securities analyst Colin · Langen (Colin Langan) say , He gave Tesla shares “ hold ” The rating . But he warned that ,NHTSA Investigation and other questions “ May be a more important medium-term driver ”.

Tesla shares rose on the Nasdaq market last Friday 1.01%, Report on 680.26 dollar .

Open licensing

In the past few speeches , Tesla has been emphasizing its progress in internal semiconductor design , These devices will act as the brain of their driving assistance function . Musk said , The company is also considering licensing its technology to other car manufacturers .

Tesla previously revealed , Will use Dojo Supercomputers for simulation and video training , At the press conference D1 Chip is an important part of this system . Musk said , The company will officially open next year Dojo, He also passed after the press conference Twitter Disclosed its function .

If Tesla really authorizes its own technology , Then it is possible to compete with NVIDIA and other automotive chip suppliers .

“ NVIDIA is still in the lead , Because of their CUDA Programming languages are industry standards .”Susquehanna Financial Group Semiconductor analyst Christopher · Roland (Christopher Rolland) Say in the email ,“ Engineers have no motivation to learn new languages . But this is still a great achievement for Tesla .”

Make progress

although Aurora、Cruise、Waymoi and Zoox And other competitors are using cameras 、 Laser radar 、 The combination of radar sensors to develop unmanned technology , But Tesla supports “ Pure vision ” technology —— Use... Fixed to the body 8 A camera to handle what engineers call real-time 3D “ Vector space ”.

Andre, director of artificial intelligence at Tesla · Kapasi (Andrej Karpathy) Introduced a series of videos to show how the company's cars shuttle through the traffic flow and park in place . Other engineers introduced 1000 Tesla's data tagging team and simulation capabilities .

“ The multi camera aerial view seems to have improved .”HBL Ijetba, portfolio manager of the bank in London · Ali · Agha (Ijteba Ali Agha) say ,“ Many of the technologies introduced by Andre show that the company is making progress .”

Musk was in the previous Autonomy Day It is expected that , Tesla to 2020 There will be 100 Ten thousand cars realize fully automatic driving . This goal has not been achieved , And Tesla's Autopilot And more advanced Full Self-Driving Capability The function reported to the regulator is still 2 Class a autopilot , Continuous manual intervention is required .

“ Tesla is aware of the shortcomings of the existing process , It must be greatly improved through real-time artificial intelligence , So as to achieve the real goal of fully automatic driving in the next few years .”Wedbush Dan, a securities analyst · Elvis (Dan Ives) In the report ,“ The safety of autonomous driving remains a major concern for investors , This concern has intensified in the past few weeks .”

Optimus robot

In the Q & a session at the end of the activity , That one is code named Optimus The humanoid robot became the focus of the audience . It will be equipped with Autopilot camera , A... Will also be installed in the body “Full Self-Driving” Computer .

“ It must be very friendly , Can adapt to this world designed for human beings , And get us out of danger 、 repeat 、 Boring tasks .” Musk said . He gave a few examples : This robot can pick up screws , Twist it onto the car with a wrench , You can also go to the store to buy daily groceries .

future ,“ Manual labor is just an option .” Musk said ,“ Do whatever you want , But you don't have to do .”

Musk has always liked to release ambitious prototypes , But real products often have to wait a long time to be on the market . Tesla in 2017 In, a semi-trailer was released , But it has not been put into operation yet . According to the current plan , We can't go public until next year at the earliest , Part of the reason is that last year 9 The large-size battery promoted in May has encountered challenges in production .

“ Musk has a great vision .”Loup Ventures Analyst Gini · Munster (Gene Munster) say ,:“ For investors , Tesla robots are a new thing they can dream of .”

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