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Oregon has a severe epidemic and there is a shortage of intensive care beds. Some patients did not wait for beds to die

2021-08-26 16:48:14 Beijing daily client

Novel coronavirus pneumonia in the United States is seriously affected , The total number of confirmed cases exceeds 3767 Ten thousand cases , Death is more than 62.8 Ten thousand cases . According to the CDC and other aspects 21 Daily updated data , The United States 7 The number of newly confirmed cases per day is higher than before 7 Days have increased 11%,7 The daily average number of new deaths increased by 34%. At least 6 The utilization rate of intensive care beds in States exceeds 90%. In Oregon , The state's intensive care unit is almost full , There have been confirmed patients who did not wait for bed death .

According to ABC 21 Reported Wednesday , The Oregon Department of Health said , In recent weeks, novel coronavirus pneumonia cases in Oregon have been increasing , Delta mutant strain accelerates transmission .6 At the end of the month , The cases infected with delta strain account for about% of all sequenced cases 30%, But in the 8 At the beginning of , This proportion is estimated to have risen to about 99%.

data display , Oregon 93% Our intensive care unit is full , The medical system in some areas is on the verge of collapse . Reports said , At a local hospital , As the intensive care beds are full , A patient died after waiting for hours , And this is not an example .

Oregon intensive care nurse Julie · Chris : At present, we don't have room for more patients . Our doctor always gets all kinds of calls for help , Ask them if you can take this patient ? Can you consult this patient for us ? This patient 26 year , It's dying . This patient 21 year , It's dying . This patient is 4 The father of a child , Dying , Can you help us ? Our counterparts in rural areas are struggling , They have reached their limit , They asked us for help , But we're full here .

And Oregon local media reports , In addition to the shortage of beds , Hospitals are also facing problems such as shortage of medical staff .

in addition , What makes the medical staff most helpless is , Many people refuse vaccination because they are misled by false information , Eventually get sick , The current epidemic rebound could have been avoided .

Oregon paramedic Bonnie : You know there are patients struggling for their lives , And this could have been avoided , It's really heartbreaking .

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