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Survey | how do the dolls feel about Altman card "top" and "blind box" gambling consumption

2021-08-26 16:48:24 Beijing daily client

A picture of Altman , Add a string of combat power values to make a card , It seems ordinary to adults , In the eyes of children, it is like a treasure . Through truck 、 Card replacement 、“ Brag about each other ” Formed “ Social cards ”, Also often appear in the circle of children .

In pursuit of rarer cards , Children are not stingy when they buy card bags , and “ Just unpack ” The pleasure of gambling makes children unable to stop . Experts suggest that , Because children's self-awareness needs to develop , Parents should guide values in time , Avoid children's pursuit of material comparison and identity .

A difficult code Children's “ Rivers and lakes ”

“ Do you have LGR Do you ?”

“ Yes. .”

“ Give me one !”

“ That not line , You have to trade your black gold for ……”

In the evening ,6 The old man meets his neighbor's little friend , It's a series of “ Secret Language ”. The old father next to me wanted to say something , But I can't get in my mouth .

What the children say “LGR”“ Black gold ”, It refers to the Japanese special film drama “ Ultraman ” A collection card with a theme . A card the size of a playing card , Printed with all kinds of Altman 、 The image of the monster , Below is the character's attack power 、 Defense and other values .

“ A six-year-old 、 A twelve year old , The common language of the two children is Altman .” As “ Generations of memories ”, Altman becomes a link between children , It has not been a phenomenon in recent two years . But Dad noticed the Altman card , It's been more than a year .

“ At first, the child asked me to , I just saw my brother in the community playing .” In dad's opinion , Altman cards are not very entertaining , There are no clear rules of the game , It's just comparing the values on the card . And the size of these values , Not just by the characters on the card , It also depends on the rarity of the card . Rarity is divided into multiple levels , such as “R( Ordinary )”、“SR( rare )”、“SSR( Very rare )” wait . Even if it's the same role , The rarer the version , The combat effectiveness will be higher .

2 The father of 12-year-old bo , When taking the children downstairs for a walk , You can often see a group of six or seven year old boys around the stone table in the community square , The table was covered with Altman cards . Because the discussion of these children is very lively every time , Xiaobo's father is curious , Watched several times .

The card says attack and defense , Generally speaking, by comparing the values, we should know who is strong and who is weak . But Bo's father found , The rules for children to play cards , One of the children named Xiao Yue is often used as “ The referee ” decision . Xiao Yue has the most cards in this group of children , He also brought a lot of rare cards on the table from home . According to Xiao Yue's explanation , These cards are not only better than values , Even better than the field effect and must kill skills , Various nouns confused father Xiaobo .

“ Which of these cards has the better kill skill ?” Wavelet's father's problem came out , The children immediately fried the pot . Some people say this one , Someone said that , Everyone has a set of reasons , But in the end “ Right of interpretation ”, It is often in Xiao Yue's hands .

You need a premium card Ordinary cards are thrown on the spot

The cards you bought for the first time came from a small supermarket ,2 The price of a pack of dollars is not expensive , My father didn't hesitate too much , In line with “ Take the opportunity to teach math ” Thought , He bought a total of... For the children 5 package , It took 10 Yuan , A total of 40 Zhang card .“ But it makes my baby happy , Than 100 All toys work well .”

In limine , I had a good time with the card in my hand , But when he joined the community, the children exchanged cards “ Rivers and lakes ” in , Just found out that 40 This card is not enough . Can't , My father had to continue to buy other card bags , Half a year ,“ It cost hundreds of dollars ”. In the card issued , There are many identical ordinary cards , You can't change it out , Only in the drawer “ Eat ashes ”,“ I feel that the cards in the children's hands are beginning to inflate .”

Compared with ,9 Years old Xiaoran spends more , There are thousands of dollars . a copy “ Card book ”, Let him be the focus of the community . Even if you don't understand Altman cards , Only print exquisite cards from the card book , You can guess the value of the card book .

Although it cost a lot of money , But Xiao Ran's father didn't think so , In his opinion ,“ Playing this is always better than playing mobile phones ”. The only thing he cares about , It's the child who seems to be too “ Treasure ”, Even search the Internet “ Card opening script ”,“ I always feel a little mysterious , I just made some requests for him , Like reading a book 、 do the homework , You can't buy a new card until you meet the requirements .”

The reporter visited a number of small shops around the community and the school , I found that this collection card has become the standard in the store , Some are placed on the most conspicuous shelf in the store , Others are on the cashier , When you pay, you can see . Except Altman , There are also some cards of other animation and movie characters , But overall, the number of Altman cards is the largest .

“ There are many children , Every day at the beginning of school .” The owner of a stationery shop said , Some children buy a bag or two when they come , Some children are more generous , Buy ten or twenty bags of land ,“ Open it at the door after buying it , Just throw away the ordinary card , Just the premium card .”

There are many grades of card bags The probability is unclear

The reporter sees , Altman cards are mostly “ Card bag ” Sell in the form of , Each package 8 Zhang card . Except for what dad bought 2 Yuan Bao , also 1 element 、3 element 、5 element ,10 Yuan and other gears . About the boss , The probability of issuing advanced card is different in different gear card packages , The more expensive, the easier it is to get a good card , But the reporter compared the packaging of various card bags , It is found that there is no description of the card level contained above .

10 Yuan card bag , Can you issue some good cards ? The card must be better than 2 How about yuan package ? In the face of questions from reporters , The boss also said he didn't know .“ Just like the blind box now , What you drive out depends on luck .” Because cards are not only sold , Children have to buy in whole packages , This also means that it is likely to issue a lot of duplicate cards .

In bigger toy stores , The reporter also saw the shelf with Altman cards . None of the card bags sold here are in bulk , It's a whole box “ Card gift box ”. The gift box is divided into several versions , The cheapest one also needs 100 element , The expensive ones are 300 yuan . The clerk is introduced , There are some higher-level cards in the gift box , Bulk card bags can't be opened . Want to get this “ Super Premium card ”, The cost is obviously much higher than opening bulk card bags .

Most gift boxes , The acquisition probability of premium card and super premium card is also not marked . In a paragraph “ Legend ” On the package of the suit , The reporter saw “ Collect rare cards ” The text of , But how high the level is included , What is the probability , Not clear . Another paragraph “ Second anniversary gift box ”, It says it's sure to open “2 Zhang two years ago XR card ”, In addition “ There is a chance to get ”GP、LGR、UR Wait for super rare cards , But the odds are not stated .

such “ Look at the luck and draw the role ” The sales model of , Not only in the card market , It also appears in many online games . Because every lucky draw and card opening has uncertainty , Like gambling “ It's amazing ”, Some players are even minors , In order to draw rare characters, they don't hesitate to invest a lot of money , In the end, I still ask but can't , This has also triggered a number of disputes between parents and game manufacturers .

In order to curb this phenomenon , Regulators are 2016 A provision was issued and implemented in , Game operators are required to announce the acquisition probability of rare characters , This also reduces the player's “ Gambling ” consumption , But this mandatory disclosure probability , At present, it has not been found in the physical card sales market .

Expert opinion

children “ Self-consciousness ” At the stage of development, parents should give more guidance

The joy of children playing cards , It's not that parents can't understand . In dad's boyhood , With almost the same plaything —— Little raccoon Water Margin card , People will also exchange cards in their hands , Discuss the background story of the card character . But at that time , Cards are also an accessory to snacks , The main purpose of children is to buy snacks , The card is just by the way , And I won't buy more than ten or twenty packs of snacks at once because I want to collect cards .

But now , Cards have become a completely independent commodity , Don't bother eating snacks , The way to get is more “ Simple and crude ”. and “ Just unpack ” The pleasure of , It also makes some children unable to stop . Recently, a news report said , A doctor from Zhongshan, Guangdong Province 7 Children at the age of , During the summer vacation, I became addicted to Altman cards , And stole from the family 2500 Yuan to buy card bags . After the child's mother found out , Want to take the card back and return it , But it was rejected by the merchant .

Why are children so addicted to cards ? Zhang Xin, an associate professor at the school of psychological and cognitive sciences of Peking University, believes that , Young children begin to develop self-awareness , About “ Who are you ” This problem is not very clear , You need to get your own evaluation from others . And the card in a child's hand “ Better ”, It is more likely to be affirmed by other children of the same age , He is also more willing to buy card bags for this purpose . This is the time , Parents need to guide their values , Let children understand that they should not compare each other's material , We should study habits 、 Compare the spiritual level of will quality , Help children find role models in these directions . Besides , Parents should also affirm their children's advantages in other aspects , Let him not only from “ Social cards ” Gain a sense of identity .

Zhang Xin said , After conducting guidance , If the child still can't control his desire to buy , Parents still have to intervene , Control your child's pocket money and family money . in addition , Parents can also make some arrangements with their children in advance , You can buy card bags , But you can only buy a few bags a week , Or you must complete the learning task to buy . This can not only cultivate children's self-control ability , It can also make children feel that their needs are respected .

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