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Chushu online book selection lecture is really busy

2021-08-26 16:48:40 Beijing daily client

Go through the heat to , Heat dissipates , Autumn is growing , This is a time for people to swim in the countryside , It's time to climb high and enjoy the scenery . But because of repeated outbreaks , Most of the public live at home , Less going out . if “ East of the Forbidden City · A scholarly journey ” Late show in summer , It is the initiative of Dongcheng District Library to seek change , that , Online book selection and live lectures , The library is facing the epidemic 、 Positive response to transformation services .

8 month 7 Japan , The library and Shanyuan Bookstore organize the public to select Books Online , Won readers' praise .8 month 21 Japan ,“ East of the Forbidden City · A scholarly journey ” The first 14 The online activities of China Bookstore are more abundant .

China Bookstore was founded in 1952 year , It is the first state-owned antique bookstore in New China , The business covers the collection and sale of ancient books 、 Repair 、 published 、 Auction and calligraphy and painting 、 Art business .

This scholarly trip highlights “ Sinology and intangible cultural heritage ” The theme , The catalogue of selected books provided by China Bookstore , Establish wechat reader group by the library , Release rules . Each reader selects books in the catalogue 2 book , After the library collects , Connect with China Bookstore to buy 、 Classification 、 machining 、 Into Tibet , Then inform readers to borrow from the library .

The morning of the event 10 spot , Honorary editor in chief of China Bookstore Publishing House 、 Ma Jiannong, vice president of Beijing History Research Association, walked into the library , Live online , Interpret for readers “ Beijing flavor culture ”, Explain its origin and influence . Concrete and vivid examples , A rare picture , Give Way 2000 Many online readers shout fun , Like it .1 The hour live broadcast is over , We still have a lot to offer , The discussion was heated , I hope the live broadcast in the library will be longer .

At noon, 12 spot , The library's wechat group has released a catalogue of selected books . Less than an hour , There is 15 Readers have chosen 30 Grow books . This is due to the online live guide , It makes readers' book selection more subjective and highlights the theme of this activity ---- Sinology and intangible cultural heritage .

Due to different mobile phone systems , The document with readers does not show ISBN Number . Regarding this , The librarian connects with the technicians in real time , Adjust file format , Ensure that readers have a complete grasp of book information . In order to prevent readers from reading the wrong serial number 、 Choose the wrong book 、 Cause wrong purchase , Increase the number of staff in the library , Double check the serial number and title of the bibliography .

Online book selection and live broadcasting break the time and space limit , It increases the workload of the library , But it provides convenience for the public , Meet the needs of readers . On the Internet , Although librarians and readers can't meet , But the communication within wechat group , It doesn't give everyone a sense of distance , On the contrary, it makes everyone have a deeper understanding of the value of books , Books sustain our spiritual life , The net is the link between us and books , Libraries are readers 、 The book 、 Bookstores, even publishers and authors , The librarian's work is glorious , Busy and meaningful .

One side of this commemorative ticket is the pattern of China Bookstore , Simple and elegant ; On the other side is crape myrtle flower pattern , With the poems of Yang Wanli of the Song Dynasty :

“ Like crazy, like drunk, weak is better , Dew pressure wind deception particularly oblique .

Who said that flowers have no red ten days , Crape myrtle blooms for half a year .”

There is a famous writer on the commemorative ticket 、 Lu Xun Literature Prize 、 Mao Dun Literature Award 、 The autograph of Xu Zechen, the winner of Lao She Literature Award .

Although the activity is changed to online , But commemorative tickets for each event , It is still the most important thing for readers .

Xu Zechen, who was stranded in other places due to the epidemic, contacted the library :“ I'm still out on business , If it's too late , Express the ticket to me , I'll sign it and send it to you !”

In order to seal the commemorative ticket with the necessary Bookstore seal every time , China Bookstore ( Qianmen store ) The store manager said :“ After Mr. Xu signs , We stamped the bookstore seal , Then send it to the library , This can avoid readers coming to the store . During the epidemic , The safety of readers is the most important .”

“ If it's not convenient for you to get it from the library , We express the book to you ”.

This is the librarian's telephone number to contact a person in 13 Stand at Shanyuan bookstore and Choose Books Online 、 Readers who have not yet borrowed from the library .

“ A: no, no , A: no, no , Thank you very much ! Take part in the book selection activity , My unit arranged for me to go on a business trip , The quarantine will be lifted one day . You're too hard , Don't bother you . I'll get it myself , Please help me stay one more day , Thank you very much! !

This is the reader's answer .

“ That's all right. , I'll keep it for you , If you have any questions at the Museum , Feel free to contact us .”

The librarian promised .

It's the library 、 The bookstore 、 The concerted efforts of writers and readers , To make the “ East of the Forbidden City · A scholarly journey ” It's getting better and better .

Wechat registration 、 Choose Books Online 、 Live online 、 Interaction within the group 、 Book Booking , It not only records the spiritual pursuit of scholars under the normalization of epidemic prevention and control , It also enriches the content of the scholarly journey , Expanded the influence of bookstores and Libraries , Make more public benefit from it .

“ East of the Forbidden City · A scholarly journey ” The first 15 standing , It's the bookstore of the people's Literature Publishing House , Time is 9 month 11 Saturday, Sunday , Still sign up with readers' wechat 、 Choose Books Online 、 Online lecture 、 Interaction within the group 、 Make an appointment to borrow from the library . Readers are welcome to pay attention to library wechat , actively participate in .

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