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The prevention and control measures of these traffic stations in Beijing have been improved

2021-08-26 16:59:47 Beijing daily client

In order to avoid the flow of people gathering at the security checkpoint , Beijing West Railway Station will extend the entrance channel .

8 month 13 Japan reported 《 Epidemic prevention at transportation stations still needs to be tightened 》 entitled , The North transportation hub of Tiantongyuan is reported 、 There are loopholes in epidemic prevention and control at traffic stations such as Beijing West Railway Station . After the report was published , Relevant units actively carry out rectification , At present, various epidemic prevention and control measures have been implemented . In recent days, , Our reporter paid a return visit to the problems involved .

Mentioned in previous reports , There are several in the North Square and the North Hall of Beijing West Railway Station “ Please wear a mask ” Prompt slogan , The radio is also constantly broadcasting tips on epidemic prevention and control , However, many passengers failed to wear masks as required , Personal protection . Besides , At the entrance of Beijing West Railway Station , Due to lack of guidance, there are frequent cases of passengers getting together at the station .

8 month 20 The morning of , The reporter came to Beijing west railway station again , See the urban management in the station hall 、 Security staff 、 Procter & Gamble 、 Volunteers and other staff , They are patrolling in turn , Comprehensively strengthen the prompt of passengers wearing masks . Once it is found that passengers do not wear them properly , The staff will immediately come forward to remind . The waiting hall is in good order , Whether it's a passenger resting in his seat , Or passengers walking around the hall , Wearing masks on his face .

In addition, the reporter learned that , The Management Committee of Beijing key station area also passes the station area monitoring system , Further strengthen video patrol , Once violations of epidemic prevention and control regulations are found , It will timely notify relevant departments and remind them to correct on site . To prevent the loss of passenger masks, etc , Emergency masks are also stored in the station area , In case of personnel without masks , The staff will make emergency distribution to ensure .

Then the reporter left the hall , Come to the entrance of the North Square . Previously, the gathering of passengers has disappeared . In order to enable passengers to complete the arrival and waiting procedures as soon as possible on the premise of complying with the epidemic prevention and control policy , The health code inquiry steps that must be completed before entering the station are advanced from the security checkpoint to the gate of the entrance hall . Each gate entrance is staffed 、 Yilabao and broadcast , Guide passengers to put health treasure before entering the hall “ My health code self query ” open . At the platform gate of west station , Previously, the situation of personnel staying at the gate has been significantly reduced , Most passengers are taking off their masks 、 After scanning the ID card and face recognition, they took the initiative to wear masks at the first time .

8 month 13 The report on the th reflected the problem of premature birth recorded in the disinfection of Tiantongyuan North transportation hub . According to the introduction of Gonglian hub company , Previously posted in the elevator 《 Disinfection record of vertical ladder 》 Each period of the table design is half an hour , However, the disinfection frequency of passenger contact equipment and facilities by Gonglian hub company is actually once per hour ( Including elevator ). according to the understanding of , At present, the forms recording disinfection in Tiantongyuan North transportation hub have been completely replaced , The cleaning personnel also completed the form according to the actual disinfection situation .

Previous reports also reflected that passengers walked freely in a restaurant in the transportation hub . according to the understanding of , After the publication of the report , The staff of the hub station has issued the epidemic prevention and control notice to the stationed commercial units , Post epidemic prevention and control tips , It is required to strictly implement the provisions on epidemic prevention and control ; Each merchant is required to open only one entrance and exit , And arrange special personnel to be responsible for temperature measurement, code scanning and registration ; For fire exits that need to be kept open for a long time , A specially assigned person is required to be on duty , Passengers are not allowed to walk freely .

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