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Teachers and students of the Law School of Hunan University of technology and technology carry out summer practice online

2021-08-26 17:20:52 Red Net

Red net time 8 month 22 - ( correspondent Lai Debin ) In recent days, , Article by the director of the school of law, Hunan University of technology and industry 、 Zhang Guohui, Secretary of the Youth League sub committee 、 Shi Zhuohong and other teachers led the graduate summer practice team , around “ Young Party members participate in rural grass-roots governance ” The theme is to carry out online research in Longshan County . The online survey is divided into two sections , First, team members and research objects hold online seminars , Second, the team based on the early electronic questionnaire data , Conduct online personal in-depth interviews with outstanding young Party members at the grass-roots level .

The online forum is hosted by the article teacher , Xiang Yong, director of the veteran cadre Office of the Organization Department of Longshan County Party committee 、 Wu zuisheng, deputy secretary of Discipline Inspection Commission of Liye Town, Longshan County, and Liye Town, Longshan County 、 Shipai town 、 Representatives of selected and transferred students from Qianling Town, Baojing County attended the meeting . At the beginning of the meeting , The teacher introduced the three rural activities carried out by Hunan University of technology and industry and the theme of this team survey , At the same time, it explains the research background of this online conference 、 Research purpose and content .

In the Symposium , Director Xiang Yong combined with Longshan County 2018 In, poverty alleviation reached 2020 The process of getting rid of poverty in , From the overall transformation of industry to the construction of ecotourism , From the perspective of full-time village cadres to the strengthening of young Party members , Introduced the local economic development to the summer practice team of the Law School of Hunan University of technology and industry 、 Ecological environment construction 、 Organization building 、 The actual situation such as the structure of the contingent of Party members .

In the personal in-depth interview , Practice group members around “ Rural grass-roots governance ” On the implementation of the policy 、 Branch construction 、 Dispute resolution 、 Mass communication 、 Teamwork 、 Communicate and discuss with the research object on ability training and other related issues . Deputy secretary Wu shengzui thinks ,“ The trend of rural grass-roots governance is better , Increasingly perfect . As a young Party member, we should practice our original intention in the implementation of policies , Communicate with the masses with a childlike heart , meanwhile , Ability training should be self-motivated , To connect with the people 、 Team unity 、 Work is warm 、 The governance pattern of considerate service is advancing ”. among , Deputy secretary Wu shengzui also relied on his own experience “ Citrus tree story ” Tell the interview team , Solve grassroots problems 、 People's livelihood issues should “ Focus on solving problems , Revitalize the existing conditions , Realize diversified thinking 、 On the basis of adhering to principles , Flexible handling of practical problems ”.

Through in-depth interviews , Team members further understand the hardships of grass-roots cadres , The particularity and complexity of grass-roots governance , We have learned that young Party members have broken through difficult problems in grass-roots governance 、 Solve new problems 、 The idea of starting a new game 、 Ways and means , Feel the loyalty of young Party members rooted at the grass-roots level to the party and their sincerity to serve the people wholeheartedly .

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