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Named "Boyue X" Geely boyue family adds new models

2021-08-26 17:20:58 Yiche original

Easy car - In recent days, , Geely Automobile officially announced that the new model of boyue family is named : Bo Yue X.

X Represents the , Inject “Flux Energy storm 、Relax Enjoy freedom 、Outfox Outwit the future ” Of X New soul . The new car will inherit the spirit of boyue family , And in modeling design 、 Driving comfort 、 Upgrade in many aspects such as intelligent experience . at present , More information about the new car has not been officially announced , E-Car will continue to pay attention to .

Official website display , Geely, the more 2021 Co ownership 7 models .1.8T Maximum engine power 120 kw , Peak torque 250 cattle · rice , Provide 6 Manual and 7 Two wheel drive vehicle with two speed dual clutch transmission .

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