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The design style of "responding to changes with invariance" is this Porsche Cayenne!

2021-08-26 17:33:05 Oriental Information automobile

Porsche designers , Always ridiculed by car owners, especially lazy , Because every car is changed and not changed , The difference is not big . however , Kind of “ Maintaining the status quo ” The design of is actually the most difficult , Be loyal to the original and keep pace with the times , The most important thing is to test the skills of designers . So when every Porsche comes out , You can always hear 7 Cheng Zan bel canto ,3 And make complaints about it . Maybe in this world , The hardest thing to do is Porsche designers —— Because they can't satisfy all car owners ! today , Just use this car BOP Porsche Cayenne with invisible car clothes , Let's have a look at it “ Invariance and change ” Well .

In appearance , The front face of this Cayenne is still very similar “ frog ”, But it looks like losing weight after fitness “ Frog face ”, Because the bloated feeling of the front face is much less . The grille on the front face shows integration , Although not structurally connected , But it still doesn't affect the visual integrated design . From the side of the body , The smooth body lines are more flexible , The roof line to the middle and rear is still relatively straight . The tail light group at the rear of the car has become narrower and longer , The interior is also full LED The light source . And the most eye-catching , Nothing more than its through tail lamp , It has quite high recognition after lighting at night .

On the interior , Porsche Cayenne has changed less , It's still the old style —— Driver centered . A dashboard composed of five instruments , It shows the unique design style of Porsche . The front seat design is also full of wrapping , You can feel the obvious breath of sports when sitting on it . The rear row benefits from the long enough wheelbase , It looks very spacious , It greatly improves the ride comfort of rear passengers . The overall interior materials of Cayenne are also quite good , For example, leather materials + Aluminum + Solid wood material , Together, it forms the high-level atmosphere of the whole interior .

People who like Cayenne , Many people like its driving experience . As a Porsche specializing in super running , Made out of SUV Naturally, it's not ordinary . Porsche Cayenne will make the sports car light and dexterous , And the ability to run at high speed , as well as SUV Higher and wider view , The three are organically combined ! So Porsche because of Cayenne , And from a high standard sports car brand , Gradually become a street car brand running all over the street ! There is no derogatory meaning here , For manufacturers , This is the result , In fact, it's very good !

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