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The maximum discount is 40000 yuan, starting from 199700 yuan. Is Cadillac cT4 fascinating?

2021-08-26 17:33:12 Oriental Information automobile

A car dealer in Yunfu recently announced Cadillac CT4 Preferential prices in the region : At present, Cadillac CT4 The highest discount for car purchase 4 Ten thousand yuan ,19.97 From ten thousand yuan , The specific selling price information is shown in the figure below :

Look back at Cadillac CT4 Basic information of . From the appearance part , It can be seen that the overall shape of the new car is more inclined to CT6, It's just a reduction in size . The front face is still equipped with the familiar polygonal air inlet grille , The lower half is wrapped in Silver Chrome , Show a certain sense of refinement . The middle net part is decorated with high gloss black diamond grid , It looks sporty , At the same time, the upper edge is also wrapped with high gloss trim strip , Contrast with the silver trim at the bottom , Showing a more diverse design style . Wide body ”“ Streamline car body ” Become CT4 Personality tags , And the special outline with a great sense of sculpture CT4 Powerful aura . Rim , The new car uses 18 Inch Obsidian aluminum alloy wheel hub , Make the car look more sporty . Its length, width and height are respectively 4760/1815/1421mm, The wheelbase is 2775mm. The tail adopts a more three-dimensional design , The sliding range of the roof brings the charm of sliding back , coordination “ Duckling tail ” The modelling of , Looks sporty ;LED The light source is used inside the tail lamp group , It has good visual effect , The design also echoes with the headlamp group . The overall interior style is the same as that of CT5 be similar , Use high contrast contrast interior matching , A blend of orange French double stitching and black , Intended to combine movement and texture . Besides , Outstanding in the overall atmosphere “ Driver centered ” Design concept of ,8 The inch suspended central Touch HD display tilts moderately towards the driver's seat ,Bose Premium The series sound system includes 14 High performance speakers , Excellent sound quality . In terms of motivation , Cadillac CT4 Pick up the 2.0T Turbocharged engines are popular in general motors LSY type , With variable cylinder control technology , Under low load , The engine can automatically shut down both cylinders , Achieve economic improvement . When high-performance power output is required , Four cylinder high performance mode and four cylinder economy mode will be provided . From the book data , Its maximum output power 237 horsepower , Maximum torque 350 Cattle meters . Matched with the eight speed manual automatic transmission . Technology configuration ,CT4 Equipped with Cadillac's new generation of mobile Internet experience CUE, In an efficient and rich variety of HMI Interactive mode 、 Fully upgraded on-board applications App、 More intelligent customized information push and 100G/ Free traffic of lifelong vehicles and machines in , Bring a more intelligent Internet experience . The Cadillac cloud electronic architecture can not only realize the remote upgrading of vehicles , Can also use 4.5TB/ Hours of super computing power brings 5 Times the speed of information processing , Comprehensively improve system efficiency and network security .

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