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"Big guy" is popular in 2021 Chengdu auto show, and the five first "big cars" have their own focus

2021-08-26 17:34:48 Oriental Information automobile

This weekend , Will usher in 2021 Chengdu auto show . Although affected by the epidemic , The Chengdu auto show will be held this year , Because the epidemic is a few days later than planned . But as the saying goes, good things take more time , This year's Chengdu auto show is full of wonderful new cars . Several heavy models were launched at the auto show , Show international A The style of the first-class auto show .

And the number of family users affected by multiple births has increased , And the proportion of car replacement demand among car buyers has increased , Large size SUV and MPV models , It has become a high growth segment of the auto market . Therefore, at this Chengdu auto show , Destined to blow “ Big guy ” Trend .

These models are not only big , And higher positioning , On the one hand, it reflects the latest design of the car company , And equipped with the most cutting-edge technology , On the other hand, show the strength of auto enterprises , Push the brand up , It is the focus of this Chengdu auto show , Worthy of special attention .

Great wall tank 600( Parameter picture )

Purple tanks red in the car market 300, Let the Great Wall see the hardline cross-country SUV Market potential of , It also drives the independence of tank brands , It also makes consumers look forward to new models of tank brand . Recently, the tank official released a new SUV Official map and power information , The new car is positioned as a medium and large car SUV,. Officials say the car will have the dual attributes of business luxury and off-road .

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