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The ultimate PK of Honda CRV and Chang'an Mazda CX5, noble mystery vs domineering and strong style

2021-08-26 17:34:59 Oriental Information automobile

CRV With Mazda cx5 They are two popular cars in the current market , at present , Both cars have high appearance value , Very good performance , Because the price of the two is close , In addition, it also has high popularity , interior 、 The safety performance is comparable , therefore , Often used PK. If you want to make a choice , Which one is better ? First, the price , at present ,CRV The price of is 16.98 All the , The Black Knight's pricing is 17.98 All the . therefore , In terms of price , There is not much difference between the two . secondly ,CRV And Mazda Black Knight have their own characteristics ,CRV More prominent sense of dignity , The black knight is more handsome 、 Hale and hearty , therefore , For the comparison of these two cars , Should focus on the interior 、 Performance and other aspects .

Let's take a brief look at the appearance advantages of the two cars .CRV The appearance is very elegant and atmospheric , Exudes a noble temperament , The overall body is very rigid , Smooth and fine coating surface , Cooperate with the overall light and shadow surface design 、 Elegant lines , More moving . Face before , Simple hollow air inlet grille design , Plus a bold logo , Form a more three-dimensional picture , Match it with a pair of bright LED Large headlight , It sends out an extraordinary deep feeling , Make the whole front face more impressive . Besides , With the beautiful camber of the front , Let the whole car CRV There is an aura ready to go . And Mazda cx5 The appearance of the is domineering side leakage , Tough style , The overall gas field is very strong , Charming , In the light and shadow surface with extraordinary texture , Let the atmosphere of the car feel 、 It's cool , More moving . Face before , Polygonal characteristic air intake stations are adopted + Black element design , With Mazda classic logo in the middle , Form a real open 、 Domineering image , More visual , meanwhile , With a pair of LED headlight 、 Front surface design , Make the whole vehicle feel stronger , Highlight the beauty of life . then , With the beautiful lines of the body and the curved surface full of light and shadow , Classic black metal wheels, etc , Make the black knight more domineering , Make people more attracted .

And then look at it CRV 's interior .CRV Compared with Mazda cx5, Pay more attention to elegance , In this , The Black Knight version highlights the dignity of black , meanwhile , Highlight its elegant texture , More visual trend , meanwhile , The whole cockpit 、 The space design of the co pilot cabin is very appropriate , Design elements should be as concise as possible , Leave blank , More simple style and extraordinary personality . Besides , Elbow and foot space , More comfortable , So that the crew can relax 、 In a state of pleasure , Enjoy the whole ride . The interior of the Black Knight highlights the beauty of Japanese simplicity , people oriented , The overall layout is safer and more comfortable , In particular, it highlights the centrality of the cockpit , So that drivers can focus more on their driving journey , More focused and confident , meanwhile , It can better control the driving trip . Besides , The black knight is also equipped with leather seats under the ergonomic design concept , So that all passengers can better enjoy their sitting posture , Feel the perfect driving . In order to enrich the ride experience of passengers , Mazda cx5 Black Knight is also equipped with first-class sound quality and high-tech media system , Let Mazda cx5 The interior space of the Black Knight shows more quality , meanwhile , Full of fun , So that all the crew can better enjoy the whole happy journey .

In terms of safety performance ,CRV With Mazda cx5 It's also very safe , In contrast to CRV for , Mazda cx5 The safety performance of is obviously stronger , Use more advanced ideas to create the structure of the whole car , meanwhile , More portability and a sense of human balance , So that the driver can have stronger driving control ability , And feel more secure . Besides , Mazda cx5 Also carry the HBC Automatic high beam control system and MRCC Adaptive cruise system 、SBS Medium and high speed brake assist system 、LDWS Lane departure warning safety system 、SCBS Low speed brake assist system and RCTA Reversing warning system, etc , So that passengers can better enjoy safe driving .

Last ,CRV And Mazda cx5 In terms of driving performance , There are also full highlights ,CRV Direct injection is adopted 240TURBO The engine , meanwhile , Carrying CVT Stepless gearbox , This makes it more flexible and smooth acceleration response , So that the driver's whole driving journey can be more smooth , meanwhile , Reduce fuel consumption , Make the driver's driving control more perfect . Besides ,CRV It also adopts intelligent 4WD AWD System , According to the specific road conditions , Realize the intelligent conversion of front wheel two-wheel drive and front and rear wheel four-wheel drive . And Mazda

Last ,CRV With Mazda cx5 The driving performance is also very bright .CRV Adoption of 240TURBO Direct injection engine , with CVT Stepless gearbox , Make the acceleration response more smooth and flexible , Truly realize happy driving with low fuel consumption , Let the driver start better 、 Control the car , Enjoy the perfect driving , meanwhile , Also used AWD Intelligent four-wheel drive system , According to the actual road conditions , More intelligently complete front wheel two-wheel drive 、 Conversion of front and rear 4WD . And Mazda cx5 Chuangchi blue sky direct injection engine with high compression ratio , Make acceleration smoother , Higher combustion efficiency , The real self absorption King , promote 15 Fuel economy , Combine a comfortable start with a sense of acceleration 、 High efficiency, energy saving and environmental protection , Really achieve more security 、 Efficient power take-off , Lift power linearity , overbearing . meanwhile , Mazda cx5 It also adopts a new generation of chuangchi blue sky 6 Speed automatic transmission , Direct drive and smooth and agile automobile transmission performance , So that the full speed range locking technology can be brought into full play , Reduce fuel consumption , Improve integrated control , meanwhile , Transmission shift response is faster , Better insight into the driver's driving intention , Give the car owner a smoother and more agile driving experience .

To sum up, we can see that ,CRV And Mazda cx5 The current popularity is relatively high , Both cars are very cost-effective , appearance 、 The interior upholstery has its own characteristics , Worth buying . however , Compared with CRV for , Mazda cx5 The safety performance and driving performance are more powerful , While meeting the passionate driving needs of drivers , It also makes the crew feel safer 、 comfortable .

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