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Microblog clarified: there is no "spending money to withdraw hot search", and the hot search list is calculated like this

2021-08-26 18:01:45 Beijing daily client

In recent days, , Some social hot events have been widely concerned and discussed by netizens , Some netizens misunderstood the management and rules of microblog hot search list . Hot search has been established so far , Always committed to providing the freshest 、 Top news , Improve the efficiency of users in discovering microblog hotspots . Now , All sectors of society and the majority of netizens have put forward higher expectations for hot search , Malicious speculation and rumors about hot search continue despite repeated prohibitions . To dispel doubts , clarify “ Spend money to remove hot searches ”、“ Spend money on hot search ” Wait for false rumors , Now the relevant rules of the station on hot search are published as follows :

One 、 Product rules : How did the hot search list come into being

Microblog hot search is calculated according to the real behavior of microblog users , Real time discovery of popular content in microblog platform , And form a real-time list .

1、 Keywords or topic words searched and discussed by a large number of netizens , Can become a hot search term ; Hot search entries are generated by netizens' search behavior and discussion behavior , Or by the topic moderator .

2、 The algorithm mechanism will calculate the comprehensive heat of all hot words , Including search volume 、 Blog volume 、 The amount of interaction 、 Reading volume and other data indicators , Calculate every minute , Take before 50 Name display .

3、 The list algorithm includes strict drainage army and anti garbage mechanism , To ensure fairness and objectivity .

Two 、 Calculation formula : How to calculate the heat of hot search words

The heat calculation formula of hot search words :( Search fever + Discussion heat + Spread heat )× Interaction rate

1、 Search heat refers to the amount of search , Including manual input search and click jump search , Reflect the degree of users' attention and exploration to hot spots .

2、 Discussion heat refers to the amount of discussion , Including original blogging and forwarding discussion , Reflect the enthusiasm of users for hot discussion and participation .

3、 The popularity of communication refers to the amount of reading , Reflect the spread of hot spots in the microblog system .

4、 Interaction rate refers to the interaction rate of the hot search result page , Reflect users' willingness to consume content .

3、 ... and 、 Product history : What changes has hot search experienced

1、2014 year , Hot search online real-time list on the client , Update every ten minutes , Let users see the latest hot information anytime, anywhere .

2、2017 year , Speed up the real-time hot search list to minute level update , Create a pioneer in the industry , Provide users with more real-time and fresh hot content .

3、2018 year , Hot search comprehensive upgrade algorithm , Based on the search heat , The hot discussion 、 spread 、 The interactive data are included in the calculation , More comprehensively and objectively reflect the microblog hot spot ranking . Same year , Hot search open set top position and important news list , Amplify the mainstream sound , Strengthen the positive energy transmission atmosphere of the platform .

4、2020 year , List of hot search construction in the same city , So that more regional hot spots can also be found and concerned .

Four 、 Ecological management : How does the platform optimize the hot search product mechanism

To make the list more ecologically healthy , More diverse content , In the first half of the year, we will “ Reduce the proportion of entertainment ” As the main control target , And will continue to regulate and control from the following dimensions :

1、 Set the positive energy recommendation bit ( Hot search top ), Increase the promotion of positive content .

2、 Involving major social negative news 、 Emergency events , Subject to the reports of the official media ; In order to prevent intensive display on the hot search list , Moderate position regulation .

3、 The same social negative events , Or the entertainment topic of the same star , Keep only one at the top of the list , Adjust and control the position in time when it exceeds ; meanwhile , The total number of entertainment topics at the top of the list is also moderately regulated .

4、 By government departments 、 The content on the list confirmed by the authoritative media as rumors or seriously untrue information , Will be immediately listed .

5、 Once there are many landing pages of topics on the list, they will lead to war and tear each other apart 、 Preach resistance 、 When attacking, abusing or obviously contrary to public order and good customs , It will be regulated in time .

5、 ... and 、 advertising : What are the advertising positions in the hot search list

1、 Outside the hot search list , There are two advertising resources , One in the first 3 Under the hot search word , One in the first 6 Under the hot search word . Commercial advertisements will show “ merchant ” label . Advertising resources do not participate in hot search ranking competition , It will not affect the heat calculation of other words .

2、 Hot search sorting , There are no commercial sales locations . For a long time , Hot search will resolutely crack down on the hot spot of black ash production 、 Pollution hot spot Ecology 、 The act of seeking improper flow or economic benefits , Continue to upgrade the hot search anti brush mechanism , Provide users with a more benign hot spot ecology ; Welcome to supervise and report , The station will deal with it according to the facts .

In the future , The station will continuously polish and upgrade the hot search mechanism algorithm , Strengthen the standardized operation of hot search list , Improve the rules , Provide users with more exciting hot content . Based on the principle of openness , Timely release the semi annual report of hot search , To be supervised , Provide a good hot search environment for the public .

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