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The U.S. epidemic worsened, the economy was hit again, and the medical resources in many states were red

2021-08-26 18:02:18 Beijing daily client

According to US media , At present, there are nearly 10 Thousands of people hospitalized for infection with COVID-19 , State hospitals are once again facing a shortage of medical resources 、 Shortage of manpower and other pressure .

According to CNN 22 Reported Wednesday , According to the latest data from the U.S. Department of health and human services , At present, the United States has more than 9.5 Novel coronavirus pneumonia in hospitalization , With more than 2.3 Million people in the intensive care unit . Medical resources in several states are red , Especially in several states with low vaccination rates , The patient capacity of some hospitals has reached saturation .

Facing the influx novel coronavirus pneumonia patients , The pressure on the U.S. health care system is not limited to the exhausted beds and medical resources , It also includes a serious shortage of medical staff . Mississippi 22 The daily data shows , In the past week , The number of hospitalizations and intensive care units in the state have reached record levels , There are a large number of gaps in medical workers , Urgently seek reinforcements from other states .

Many states in the United States cancel large-scale activities Another blow to the economy

Besides , Another deterioration of the epidemic has also cast a shadow on the economy of some states . According to ABC 22 Reported Wednesday , When the vaccination rate is lower than 50% Of 11 Of States , Some states have infection rates several times higher than others ; In order to prevent the spread and spread of the epidemic , Louisiana 、 Tennessee and Georgia have recently cancelled some large-scale commercial activities , For example, music festival 、 Animation exhibition, etc , It is expected to cause hundreds of millions of dollars of losses to the local economy .

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