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The rise of popular science books for children is full of joy, worry and challenge

2021-08-26 18:03:20 Beijing daily client

In recent days, , Open the book and release the latest data , Children's Popular Science Encyclopedia replaced children's literature for the first time , It occupies the first place in the proportion of children's book market . The rise of popular science books for children , This is a positive sign , But in joy at the same time , There are also concerns and challenges .

data : Children's book market first “ substitutions ” 了

The data published in the open book show that ,2021 In the first half of , The domestic children's literature market has appeared 3.62% Synchronous negative growth , The first position in the children's market is replaced by children's Science Encyclopedia .

The data also shows , At present, short video e-commerce is the focus of the industry , Children's science popularization is also eye-catching in this field . From the data of uncoiling monitoring short video e-commerce ,2021 In the first half of the year, short video e-commerce , The children's plate has the largest scale , Code ocean specific weight 58.54%, Much higher than other types of e-commerce . Specific to the children's section , Children's literature accounts for the proportion of children's short video e-commerce code 13%, Ranked third in the breakdown category , Lower than children's Popular Science Encyclopedia and children's picture books .

According to the reporter , In physical bookstore sales , Children's science popularization also performed well . The latest statistics from the Asian Games Village Book Building , Children's popular science books increased over the same period last year 158%.

The scene : Parents guide their children to read popular science

Visiting a large book city 、 Found in the process of Community Library , Environmental construction and parental guidance , Bring benefits to the rising popularity of popular science books .

Children's reading area of Asian Games Village Book Building , Popular science books have won a golden position , The latest popular science books for children occupy a Book Wall , Popular science books are also placed at the outermost position of the channel , These books also take the universe 、 Beautiful home 、 The beauty of Science 、 Display in different categories such as mystery world . The staff told reporters , From the book placement and Book Purchase , Children's science popularization is ranked in the top priority .“ In my submission , This is to meet the needs of the strategy of strengthening the country with science and Technology .” The staff member said .

In the Oak Bay Pavilion in the second study , Popular science books also have a special area . Li Yan, founder of the second study, said , Oak Bay Museum has 16000 Books on loan , There are about 30% They are all children's Science Encyclopedia .

Nomi, this year 5 year , from 4 He began to read popular science under the guidance of his parents at the age of . Normy's mother said ,“ My daughter reads a lot of story books , We deliberately guide her curiosity about popular science , Now at least half of the books she reads are popular science .” Nomi's father is a IT people , He is tirelessly speaking to his daughter 《 My microbial friend 》 series , He's talking about 《 coral 》 This one , But normy listened and commented :“ Or the little princess book is fun .”

It's time for Tang Junwei to go to grade six , He is a martial arts fan , He took it from the bookshelf 4 Jin Yong of this set 《 Smiling and proud in the Jianghu 》, Mother said , He can finish reading a book in two hours . But the mother has her own guidance for her son's reading ,“ I grew up in the countryside , My son saw earthworms 、 Geckos are scared to death , This is because he doesn't know earthworms 、 The benefits of geckos to humans , So I'm afraid .” In order to balance his son's reading , The mother is reading carefully 《 Real nature — Give children a nature museum 》, What she saw was the part of Soil Science . The mother said , Popular science knowledge is very important for children's growth , She often tells her children books by fits and starts .

Pocket 5 Half a year old , She is holding a Book 《5 I began to learn programming at the age of 》 Look hard . Her father said , Children like playing games , from 3 She began to choose books for her at the age of , This programming book introduced from abroad is very interesting , You can learn to program yourself , You can also make up your parents .

face : Become more and more amiable and lovely

What popular science books are more popular with children 、 Parents love ? After comparing the latest Dangdang 、 After the top ten popular science books for children in Jingdong and Beijing Book Building ,《 Fun stereo book : Our bodies 》、《 National Geography hidden in the map - China 》( whole 4 book ),《 Twenty four solar terms for children 》、《 China National Geographic Children's Encyclopedia : The earth 》、《DK Children's Encyclopedia 》 And so on .

Li Yan, founder of the second study, personally selects books for small readers all year round , In recent years, he has found a positive change , There are too many popular science books , There are many original books in China , And the quality is improving .

Li Yan's feelings have become the consensus of people in the industry . In the impression of Li Tianshu, deputy editor in chief of Beijing Children's Publishing House , Foreign popular science books for children once dominated the world in the domestic market .20 Years ago , She was 《 Terrible Science 》 editor , She recalled , As soon as this set of books was published, it surprised the domestic science popularization community , Experts think , This set of books is not only related to history 、 literature 、 Culture is linked , And behind it is full of scientific spirit 、 Scientific thinking , vivid 、 Interesting way of telling 、 The way of writing is ten years ahead of that in China .

But Li Tianshu found these years , After years of introduction of popular science books , Local original popular science books are catching up , Children's popular science books have become amiable 、 lovely 、 Diversify . She can always find some works of heart in the market , For example, how many years did it take human beings to learn to build roads , How many years has it taken human beings to learn to take a bath and so on , It presents the evolutionary history of human life from the perspective of life ,“ Popular science books are no longer sitting upright , It's not serious anymore .” More Than This , The forms of popular science for children have also become rich , Like picture books 、 Graphic book 、 Three dimensional books are particularly interesting , She once saw a three-dimensional book about the Forbidden City , Open the book , The Forbidden City has become one meter long “ long scroll of painting or calligraphy ”, Novel and interesting .

Yutian · Do you know if it will be launched this year 《 A little guide to big people 》《 Things about animals 》 Eye catching performance . Ru Xin, promotion editor of Yutian culture and marketing department, said :“ What these two sets of books have in common is the cleverness of the subject matter and the delicacy of the painting style , Live celebrity science popularization and animal science popularization , The form is no longer rigid , More humanistic .” In her opinion , Popular science is no longer just telling children about knowledge , Today's children should feel , To experience , Even have to do .

With the changes of popular science books , Sun Shujing, editor in chief of Yutian culture brand, also feels the change of the original author ,“ The new author is obviously more interesting than the previous author 、 More emphasis on readability , Have more ideas and requirements on illustration and layout design .”

Point of view : Just reading popular science is not enough

Popular science books for children are on the rise , However, it does not mean that its future development will be carefree , Infringing and pirated books 、 The author's team is 、 Many problems such as the absence of readers' practical ability , Not allow to ignore .

Li Tianshu said frankly , The rise of live video selling , Let low-cost popular science books enter the market smoothly , Whether the scientific knowledge in the book has a hard wound , Whether the book paper is qualified , Whether the ink is compliant is unknown . She reminded that , generally speaking , It is against the law of publication that books are too cheap , Parents should polish their eyes , Learn to identify , You can't be blinded by low-cost books .

As the market of popular science books improves , Good and bad publications are also rapidly following up . Popular science writer Wang Chen found a popular science book for children in a home stay , No less than 20 knowledge mistakes were found by simply reading , Some places use the old knowledge of 20 or 30 years ago , Some photos are also placed incorrectly .“ These wrong knowledge will do great harm to children , It takes several times 、 Energy can fix .” therefore , He also reminded parents to have the common sense of choosing books .

Wang Chen also suggested , While strengthening children's popular science reading , Parents' popular science reading can not be missing . After contacting many parents, he found that , Many children's books can't let children read by themselves , After the second and third grade of primary school , Children can read independently ,“ If parents lack popular science reading , It's hard to guide children , It will also create a generation gap with children .” In Wang Chen's opinion , Nowadays, teenagers have many channels to acquire knowledge 、 Large number of , The children are eager to communicate 、 communication 、 practice , And in the process , Parents have a very important role to play .“ The child bought a book and read a Book , It doesn't mean you have accepted popular science education , It also needs hands-on practice .” Wang Chen said 、 He once led the children in scientific practice , But many children are at a loss .

Wang Chen made suggestions , For example, plant science , Parents should not only discuss with their children , You can also go to the community 、 Go to the countryside and learn about plants with children . You can also practice together , For example, after eating mysterious fruit , If you eat sour food again, it will be sweet , If conditions permit , Parents can buy mystery fruit and lemon for an experience .

During the interview, the reporter also noticed , Compared with children's Literature , The awareness rate of well-known writers is very low , No child can even list the famous writers in his mind . Regarding this , Yin Chuanhong, vice president of China Science Popularization Writers Association, believes that , At present, the team of popular science creation is in a fault , Old writers either die or grow old , A large number of young writers have not kept up in time , The fault phenomenon of children's popular science creation team deserves attention .

Regarding this , Li Tianshu feels the same , The publishing house recently planned a topic , The editors were dumbfounded when they received the expert manuscript ,“ I can read all the words , But the content seems particularly laborious , It's so professional .” Li Tianshu thinks , How to lower the body , How to find a good angle to talk about popular science , Still a challenge for Science Writers .

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