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Mairuibao XL now offers a maximum discount of 52000 yuan, starting from 102900 yuan. Do you consider starting?

2021-08-26 18:45:08 Oriental Information automobile

A car dealer in Guangzhou recently announced Michael sharp treasure XL Preferential prices in the region : At present, mairuibao XL The highest discount for car purchase 5.2 Ten thousand yuan ,10.29 From ten thousand yuan , The specific selling price information is shown in the figure below :

Let's review the Mai Ruibao XL Basic information of . The new blackened China open has great visual impact , It looks like a modification model , And also equipped with active shutdown Technology , Further reduce wind resistance and improve fuel economy ,LED The shape of the headlight is very exquisite , The sharp lines also make the streamlined feeling of the whole vehicle more prominent . From the side of the car , Michael sharp treasure XL Also has a good posture , Large wheel hub and sliding back roof design are adopted , It creates a good sense of movement . in addition , It's excellent in space , The length, width and height are respectively 4933x1854x1476mm, The wheelbase is 2829mm, Space is not much different from accord , It's more than enough for daily use . The tail design has a full sense of hierarchy , Long and narrow LED The tail light is very eye-catching when lit at night , Bilateral double outlet vents are also genuine . Long for 4933mm, Wide for 1854mm, High for 1472mm, The wheelbase is 2829mm. interiors , To be honest, Chevrolet Malibu XL Not much brightness in terms of interior decoration , Although the interior of Chevrolet has won the international interior design award in that year , But after all, time has passed for so many years , From the present point of view, there is some aesthetic fatigue , However, there are some bright spots in the use of materials , The front of the center console is wrapped with a large area of leather , Supplemented by exquisite fine chrome plated decorative strips at air outlets of air conditioners, a strong sense of quality . Michael sharp treasure XL Pick up the 1.3T and 2.0T Two turbocharged engines , among 1.3T Your engine matches CVT Stepless gearbox , The maximum power is 165 horsepower , The peak torque is zero 240 Cattle meters , At full fuel value, the weekly endurance can reach 900 km , And the fuel consumption per hundred kilometers is only 5.8 l ; and 2.0T Our engine matches 9 A gearbox with a self-contained gear block , The maximum power is 241 horsepower , The peak torque is zero 350 Cattle meters ,7.2 Seconds to break the , What's the fuel consumption of this 4.7 l , The performance of such a powertrain in vehicles of the same class , Absolutely good enough . In terms of configuration, mairuibao XL I'm not stingy , Keyless start 、 Remote start 、 Reversing radar 、 Multi-function steering wheel 、 Leather seats 、 Automatic air conditioning and other configurations are standard in the whole system , Configure direct Camry .

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