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Liberation's ability to lead the trend of trucks from the j6l exclusive Edition

2021-08-26 18:45:14 Oriental Information automobile

What you see is a high mountain , What I see is far away ; What you see is the sea , What I see is the other side ; What you see is a liberation J6L Exclusive medium card , What I see is liberating the ability to lead the trend of trucks .

2021 year 8 month 20 Japan , liberate J6L The exclusive version of Chinese card is officially launched , Its core selling point is :“ Huge space 、 Extra wide sleeper 、 Enjoy the car 、 Enjoy entertainment ”. Rome was not built in a day , liberate J6L The premium Zhongka is not a flat car , It is liberation based on J6L The platform and modular concept of the series , stay 2020 In listed J6L Based on the elite version , Through genetic inheritance and continuous innovation , A benchmark model leading the development trend of Zhongka Technology . This paper hopes to liberate J6L Enjoy this product to deeply analyze the ability of liberating and leading the trend of trucks , Because this is the core competitiveness of FAW liberation .

As liberation J6 Medium card products derived from the platform , liberate J6 from 2012 It has been developed since it was listed in 5 Generation model :2012 paragraph 、2015 paragraph 、2018 paragraph 、 elite 、 Premium Edition , This rapid product iteration , It is precisely based on FAW liberation to accurately grasp the market development trend 、 Forward looking technology R & D capability .

The ability to lead the development trend of truck technology includes market forecasting ability 、 R & D capability 、 Sales ability, etc . Market forecasting ability is to feed back customer demand through dealers all over the country , Marketing personnel and technicians go deep into customers to conduct research , Eat and live with customers , Deeply understand the pain points of customers ; R & D capability is based on the pain points and needs of customers , Develop products with high speed and high quality to meet customer needs , There is no best but the best , Just right , Precision development ; Sales ability is to push the most suitable products to the most suitable customers , Find and guide customers' needs with customized products .

The same thing , People with different patterns see different results . Ten years ago we talked about “ Flat floor ” Medium and heavy truck models , It's still an unthinkable thing , Customers are wondering :“ It's inconvenient to climb up and down such a high cab , Is the blind spot big , Will the cab shake badly ?” wait . Ten years later, when we talk about “ Flat floor ” models , It has become an important standard to measure whether a product is high-end . Generally, the most advanced configuration and technology of commercial vehicles are first applied and popularized in heavy truck models , Then continue to transfer to the medium card , This is the development trend of the whole commercial vehicle industry , The transfer time is approximately 5-7 year . I predict 2016 The liberation of FAW should begin in J6L The high-end upgrade of medium card , Through a large number of market research to analyze the changing trend of customer demand in the future , Then more advanced configurations and technologies are planned in the conceptual design of the vehicle model ,“ Flat floor ” Is to J6L One of the high-end configurations customized by the premium version of the medium card .

First, let's talk about how to define “ Flat floor ”, As the name suggests, the floor of the whole cab is flat . Flat floor heavy truck originated very early in Europe , It is the “ home ” The design elements are integrated into the cab design , The driver can stand and walk in the cab , The berth space in the back row can be combined arbitrarily . But if we directly copy the European flat floor, there will be some problems , for example : The blind area is too large , Inconvenient access to the cab, etc . Therefore, FAW liberates according to the shape of Chinese drivers again 、 Statistical analysis of driving habits , Control the height difference between the middle floor and the floors on both sides to 120mm, This small step will not affect the trafficability of the cab , It can also solve the problem that the common blind area of flat floor is too large 、 It's inconvenient to climb up and down , This is the new definition of FAW liberation “ Flat floor ”.

from J6L You can see... On the appearance of the card in the exclusive version , Front grille ratio J6L The elite version has an additional horizontal grid , The whole cab is not raised significantly , Pedal ratio J6L Elite Edition added 1 individual , Access to the cab is still very convenient . After the cab is raised, the vision in the distance is improved , For the surrounding blind areas , Multiple cameras installed , Each corner can be clearly seen through the large screen on the instrument panel , Ensure the safety of driving in the city .

High reliability is J6L One of the advantages of the Premium Edition . It is based on the results of many technical iterations of previous models , Vehicle B10 life 80 Thousands of kilometers , And the engine 、 transmission 、 Drive axle 、 The maintenance cycle of the wheel end starts from 6 Ten thousand kilometers to 10 Thousands of kilometers , One time synchronous maintenance , Reduce the number of customer inbound maintenance 、 Reduce maintenance costs 、 Improve attendance . In terms of motivation , From the previous 240 The horsepower went up to 260 horsepower , The torque has reached 1000Nm, Become one of the most powerful models in the field of medium truck , It can be called green pass 、 Intercity transportation 、 Light cavalry of LCL express .

The author found that , Many car owners need to cook in the cab for a long time 、 having dinner 、 sleep . liberate J6L The exclusive sleeper is designed with folding function , After parking, the sleeper unfolds , The width can reach 1.2 rice , Than many heavy trucks 0.85 It's a lot wider , Can provide better rest space . In my spare time , Through the large screen on the dashboard , You can also watch Internet TV , Take all the requirements of the user's use scenario into account .

Generally, the life cycle of a generation of medium truck models is 15-20 year , liberate J6L The premium edition is at the peak of its life cycle . As the integrator of FAW Jiefang Zhongka products , This medium card product that redefines the flat floor , It will continue to lead the development trend of China card technology .

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