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Suteng juchuang: realize the mass production and delivery of the first batch of lidar orders and enter the first year of mass production

2021-08-26 18:52:34 Oriental Information automobile

According to media reports , Recently, Suteng juchuang RoboSense The company officially announced that the order project of new energy vehicle enterprises in the North American market has achieved significant stage results in order delivery . The first 2 The next generation of intelligent solid-state lidar is RS-LiDAR-M1 stay 6 After mass production and delivery in January , More than ten batches of orders have been successfully delivered . This is not only the first mass production of solid-state lidar in the world , It also marks “ First year of mass production ” The arrival of the !

The first of Suteng juchuang 2 The generation of intelligent lidar is in 2020 Year of 7 In January, it began to accept global mass production orders , For example, last month, gac-e'an officially announced that it has become a fixed-point cooperation with Suteng juchuang Da for many models . And the delivery object this time , Is Suteng juchuang's first North American customer .

Suteng juchuang is an industry-leading intelligent lidar technology enterprise in the world , At present, it has been realized in the project of intelligent solid-state lidar 10 A small version and 5 Big version . Global implementation SOP In the field of edition , Determined the dominant position . Especially this year Q2 Officially launched SOP after , Suteng juchuang is leading in the industry , And also successfully completed the second 2 Mass production and delivery of vehicle gauge level of generation intelligent solid-state lidar .

The first 2 Generation of intelligent solid-state lidar M1 It has a slim shape , But it has the intelligent characteristics of software and hardware . Hardware intelligence ,M1 It's based on two-dimensional MEMS Smart chip to scan , It also has a very unique and powerful gaze function . The scanning mode can be adjusted only based on the driving scene , In order to improve their perception , On the one hand, it strengthens the performance of automatic driving function , It can also improve the driving experience of users .

In terms of software intelligence ,M1 It is based on Suteng juchuang 13 Years of strong technical self-research ability and 5 Over the years, business has been amazing , It can be matched with very mature point clouds AI Perception algorithm . besides , Suteng juchuang also provides... According to its own patented technology M1 Provide guarantee of data transmission quality , For example, in rain, snow, dust and fog 、 Strong light 、 Security of different scenes such as multi radar shooting . The product has built-in OTA upgrade 、 Intelligent heating 、 Power management 、 Stain detection 、 Network management and other supporting functions , The implemented ASIL-B as well as SIL-2 Grade .

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