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There is no discount at present, starting from 85800 yuan. Wuling Kaijie has rich configuration and high grade?

2021-08-26 18:52:40 Oriental Information automobile

A car dealer in Maoming recently announced Wuling Capgemini's preferential market in the region : At present, Wuling Kaijie has no discount for car purchase ,8.58 From ten thousand yuan , The specific selling price information is shown in the figure below :

Review the basic situation of Wuling Kaijie . Wuling Kaijie's daytime running lights and fog lights are also very novel , Daytime running lights are designed with sharp eagle eyes , The eagle aura echoing the aesthetics of wing movement , Sharp and flexible , The fog lamp adopts a four through design . The side lines of this car are smooth , The waistline runs through the front and back , At the same time, it also adopts the design of suspended roof with current comparison process . however , Wuling Kaijie does not adopt the design of side sliding door , It's a pity for many buyers , But it also reduces the cost , Make it more affordable . The design style of the rear is very simple , A large number of horizontal lines echo with the design of the level , Showing a strong sense of hierarchy . The tail is slender on both sides LED The tail lamp echoes well with the shape of the daytime running lamp on the front face , And it also shows a strong degree of identification . On the interior , Capgemini's cockpit design is inspired by structuralism in the field of Architecture , The flexible curve is connected in series to start the overall structure in the vehicle , The extensive use of horizontal lines creates an excellent sense of space atmosphere , The instrument panel adopts a unique multi-layer design , The suspended independent super liquid crystal central control screen has both design sense and functionality . In vehicle 6 Each seat is provided with a separate USB Interface and air conditioning outlet , Very comfortable . motivation , Capgemini will carry a 1.5T Four cylinder turbocharged engine , The maximum power of this engine 147 horsepower , Maximum torque 250 cattle · rice , Meet the national six emission standards , matching 6 Speed manual transmission and simulation 8 Fast CVT transmission . In suspension , The car adopts the front McPherson , Rear torsion beam dependent suspension . configuration , It also brings you the feeling of being close to the people and enjoying the luxury joint venture brand , In addition to the conventional panoramic skylight 、 One button start 、 The electronic hand brake 、 Beyond panoramic images 、 Capgemini will also be equipped with anti-collision warning ( With pedestrian recognition )、 Pre collision automatic brake ( With pedestrian recognition )、 Lane keeping assistance and lane departure warning 、0-150km/h Full speed range adaptive cruise and other functions ADAS Driving AIDS . And in terms of security , In addition to adding a lot of high-strength steel to the body 、 Capgemini also carries Bosch ESP 9.3 System and 6 Two airbags and side air curtains .

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