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The maximum discount is 68000 yuan, starting from 167800 yuan. Explore the sports atmosphere of Yue x?

2021-08-26 18:52:43 Oriental Information automobile

A car dealer in Guangzhou recently announced Explore the mountain X Preferential prices in the region : Currently exploring the mountains X The highest discount for car purchase 6.8 Ten thousand yuan ,16.78 From ten thousand yuan , The specific selling price information is shown in the figure below :

Look back on exploring the mountains X Basic information of . Popular family rookie Tan Yue X The appearance of this model , It shows a different color , The whole building style has the flavor of popular family , The front of the car is also decorated with chrome plated elements , The whole design feels very good , Popular family rookie Tan Yue X The front face is the inheritance of family style , A lot of sharp lines are equipped to decorate the front face , The interior of the vent is equipped with rich lines , A thick chrome plated bar above connects the left and right headlights , This design method makes the hierarchy of the front show a gradual effect , Highlight the three-dimensional feeling of the front . On the side of the Coupe The style sliding back design is the biggest highlight of the whole car , The whole looks very imposing , motion , It is also good for high-speed handling . The design of the rear of the car is very full and three-dimensional , Design elements are also very rich . However, the style of the tail lamp group is a little traditional , If you can use the popular through design , It may create a stronger sense of sophistication . Fortunately, the light source structure inside the lamp cavity is very detailed , Use a lot of “X” Element decoration , When lit, the recognition is very high . Explore the mountain X It also updates the latest steering wheel shape of Volkswagen family , All models are wrapped in leather , It feels very delicate . Three piece flat bottom design , With silver chrome trim , It looks sporty , There is no lack of fashion . Explore the mountain X With the third generation EA888 2.0T high / Low power two engines and matching 7 Speed wet double clutch transmission 、DCC The chassis system adopts pure Zhengde high-precision adjustment . Drivers can enjoy the pleasure of driving under different road conditions , The high-power version is also equipped with Volkswagen's advanced technology 4Motion The intelligent 4WD system is equipped with Borg Warner's fifth generation electronically controlled multi disc clutch central differential , It can be achieved under extreme working conditions 100% Rear wheel power take-off , supplemented Active Control Five driving mode selection functions , Easily cope with repeated and miscellaneous road conditions during the test drive . configuration , The new car is equipped with tire pressure monitoring according to different models 、 Brake assist 、 Braking force distribution 、 Automatic start-stop 、 Driving mode switching, etc .

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