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This car is one lap larger than the Haval H6 and has 197 horsepower

2021-08-26 18:52:51 Oriental Information automobile

When it comes to domestic suv when , The first reaction of most car owners may be Harvard H6. in fact ,H6 stay SUV Stand out in the market and have accumulated and occupied the sales champion 73 Months , Monthly sales of twenty or thirty thousand are commonplace . In addition to strong influence and good reputation in the domestic market , The harvard H6 Our performance is also closely related to our excellent product strength and excellent cost performance . It can be seen that , As a domestic SUV, To gain a firm foothold in the market , Must have a certain brand influence , We must also consider the strength and cost performance of the product .

Just like today Just like the protagonist you're talking about , It is also produced by a large factory SUV. This brand also has great influence and good reputation in China . This car is the Ruihu from Chery 8, It's a medium-sized SUV, It has strong product strength and cost performance . Since its launch, it has attracted extensive attention ,6 The sales of this month are in line with 5 It has increased compared with January . Total length of 4.7 rice ,197 horsepower , National six standards only 11.99 Ten thousand yuan , Definitely Harvard H6 A big competitor .

And H6 comparison , Tiggo or dingle 8 The first advantage of is the advantage of space size . Its 4700*1860*1746mm Its body is long 、 wide 、 The height and maximum wheelbase are 2710mm, And 4600*1860*1720mm Its body is long 、 wide 、 The height and maximum wheelbase are 2680mm harvard H6 comparison , It's obviously a big circle . therefore , This not only makes it better than Harvard H6 There is more spacious seating space , There is also enough storage and carrying space . in addition ,19 The seat layout of this model is 2-3 Of 5 The layout of the seats . The rear seat not only has a certain wrapping , It also supports the adjustment of backrest angle and the function of moving back and forth , Make it have more than Harvard h6 Better ride comfort .

In addition to space and comfort , In terms of motivation , Its new 1.6t Direct injection turbocharged engine has 197 The maximum horsepower and 290 nm Peak torque , Even with Harvard h6 Of 2.0t The engine is comparable to . With the support of such strong power , Its 100 The measured acceleration time of KM is only 9.2 second , At the top of many competitors at the same level . Besides , Tiggo or dingle 8 Of 19 All models comply with the national emission standard No. 6 ,1.6t The starting price of the model before the discount is only 11.99 Ten thousand yuan , Undoubtedly, it has further improved Ruihu 8 Market competitiveness of .

Besides , Tiggo or dingle 8 The safety performance of No. 1 is also very good . Tiggo or dingle 8 The key parts of the car body are made of six ultra-high strength hot formed steels made in bentler, Germany , And the third generation of high-strength steel , And adhering to the all-round five-star safety design concept , It has very good strength and stiffness . Besides , There is also the mainstream Bosch ninth generation electronic body stability control system 、 Tire pressure display and other equipment , High configuration models are also equipped with lane departure warning system , Safety configuration of road traffic sign recognition and active safety system , Bijave h6 More kind .

Last but not least , Tiggo or dingle 8 It's more than H6 Position higher midsize SUV, It also keeps pace with the times in intelligent technology . The top models are equipped with up to 50 A super smart configuration , Include 8 Inch air conditioning control touch screen ,10.25 Inch center control screen ,12.3 Inch LCD Meter with three large screens , And wireless charging of mobile phones , Front end technologies such as inductive smart bracelet , Especially speech recognition control system , It can realize automobile multimedia 、 Navigation 、 Telephone 、 Air conditioner 、 Operation of sunroof , With Harvard H6 Compared with the top models , More sense of Technology .

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