current position:Home>At 7:30 on Monday, the Malaysian chip factory was closed, and Bosch executives wanted to "jump out of the building"; When Xu Jiayin stepped down, Evergrande motor fell by more than 5.11%; Ministry of Finance: introduce policies to support the new energy v

At 7:30 on Monday, the Malaysian chip factory was closed, and Bosch executives wanted to "jump out of the building"; When Xu Jiayin stepped down, Evergrande motor fell by more than 5.11%; Ministry of Finance: introduce policies to support the new energy v

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Ningde times joins hands with Shanghai Jiaotong University to build a global future energy innovation center

Malaysian chip factory closed , Bosch executives want to 「 Jump off a building 」, He Xiaopeng 「 Raise your glass 」

Xu Jiayin leaves office , Evergrande auto fell more than 5.11%

GAC Honda will add 12 10000 production capacity , Production of new energy vehicles

The Ministry of Finance : Introduce policies and funds to support the development of new energy vehicle industry

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Ningde times joins hands with Shanghai Jiaotong University , The frontier project is located in Minhang , Build a global future energy innovation center !


@ Surging online : Shanghai Municipal People's government and Ningde Times New Energy Technology Co., Ltd 8 month 18 A strategic cooperation framework agreement was signed in Shanghai on June . Li Qiang, Secretary of the municipal Party committee, met with Zeng Yuqun, chairman of Ningde times, and his party . Deputy Secretary of the municipal Party Committee 、 Mayor Gong is attending the signing ceremony .

      According to the agreement , The two sides will comprehensively deepen cooperation in the field of new energy , Promote the Ningde era ( Shanghai ) Innovation center and international functional headquarters 、 High end manufacturing base 、 Future Energy Research Institute and other related projects will be implemented , Tackling key technical problems and innovative application at the forefront of new energy 、 Electric transformation of urban transportation 、 Deepen cooperation and docking in fields such as high-end talent cultivation of new energy , Aim at the carbon peak 、 Carbon neutralization work objectives , For the digital transformation of Shanghai 、 Green development and soft power improvement inject new momentum .

      After the Shanghai Municipal People's government signed a contract with Ningde Times New Energy Technology Co., Ltd , Shanghai Economic and Information Commission 、 Shanghai Minhang District People's government 、 Ningde Times New Energy Technology Co., Ltd 、 Shanghai Jiaotong University signed a four party strategic cooperation framework agreement , The future Technology College of Shanghai Jiaotong University and the Future Energy Research Institute of Ningde era will be built in Minhang , Build a global future energy innovation center in the long term .

      Ningde times Future Energy Research Institute will cooperate with Shanghai Jiaotong University , The goal is to build a National Laboratory , Strive to build a cutting-edge platform combining scientific research and innovation with talent training , Tackle a number of forward-looking technologies in the future oriented new energy field .

Xiaopeng automobile Zhaoqing phase II project starts , The annual production capacity of the whole vehicle will be expanded to 20 Thousands of cars


@ Cover story 8 month 18 Japan , Xiaopeng automobile officially announced , Xiaopeng intelligent new energy vehicle phase II project started in Zhaoqing City, Guangdong Province .

      It is reported that , Xiaopeng automobile Zhaoqing phase II project , With the financial and land support of Zhaoqing municipal government , Will expand production through capital increase 、 Improve quality and efficiency . After the project is completed , The designed annual production capacity of Zhaoqing intelligent manufacturing base will increase from 10 Ten thousand cars were raised to 20 Thousands of cars .

      “ Xiaopeng automobile Zhaoqing intelligent manufacturing base is from 2017 Construction at the end of ,2020 year 5 Put into production in . Only one or two hundred units were produced in the first month , Gradually climb to hundreds 、 Thousands , In this month, our maximum daily production capacity will reach 500 platform -700 platform .” Co founder of Xiaopeng automobile 、 President Xia Heng said at the ceremony ,“ In the process of Xiaopeng automobile's development , In order to meet the rapidly growing market demand , We transform and upgrade the whole production base . It is expected that the second phase of the project will be completed , The annual capacity will reach 20 Million units of the scale , At the same time, we will introduce many new 、 More competitive products , Contribute to the development of Zhaoqing's new energy cause .”

      The total annual production capacity of Xiaopeng Zhaoqing base and Wuhan base will reach 30 Thousands of cars . Xiaopeng car in 7 The monthly delivery is 8000 Head start , Based on this, it is estimated that its annual delivery volume is 9.6 Thousands of cars . Xiaopeng's planned capacity is... Of the current delivery 3 times , This shows that Xiaopeng is very confident in his car sales .

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Malaysian chip factory closed , Bosch executives want to 「 Jump off a building 」, He Xiaopeng 「 Raise your glass eliminate Worry 」


@ Tiger sniffing :“ floor ,6 layer , Jump or not ?”

      8 month 18 Japan , Due to the lack of core and supply caused by the epidemic in Malaysia , Xu Daquan, executive vice president of Bosch China, while posting in the circle of friends , Coupled with the above words that are quite helpless and slightly ridiculed .

      He explained that , Because Bosch is located in Malaysia Muar Half of the conductor supplier factories will continue to close due to the epidemic , Some Bosch chips will be directly affected , expect 8 Supply will be cut off after January .

      Chen Yudong, President of Bosch China, ridiculed in his comments “ jump ! Or I won't have a chance to jump in September ”. And then , Car companies CEO Start complaining in the comment area , He Tao, co-founder of Xiaopeng automobile, left a message saying that he “ No tears to cry ”, And lantu car CEO and CTO Lu Fang said “ I can't make it ”.

      It's not hard to see. , In the lack of core wave without ebb trace , As a primary supplier , There are car companies on the road constantly urging goods , There are secondary suppliers whose supply is cut off due to force majeure , Bosch is also in a dilemma .

      Not long ago , Musk was on twitter “ Accountability ” Bosch and Reza , Said that Tesla's production was affected by its insufficient supply . And for a long time , Chip suppliers were caught in a fire 、 The epidemic had to stop production one after another .

      Disclosure of information , Malaysia has become the seventh largest exporter of semiconductor products in the world . according to statista Data show that , since 2015 Since then , The revenue of semiconductor packaging and testing in Malaysia is growing rapidly , from 118 Billion dollars to 2019 Year of 287.6 Billion dollars .

      According to people in the sealing and testing industry , At present, the shortage of production capacity is more serious than expected , Customers are looking for capacity support everywhere , And has begun to discuss the production capacity in the first half of next year . Sun moonlight semiconductor has also made a statement recently , I think the shortage of chips will continue until 2022 year .

Magna launches a new Mezzo panel Make the appearance of electric vehicles more modern


@ Gaise car :8 month 18 Japan , magna (Magna) Launch a new Mezzo panel (Panel) technology , Rebuild the appearance and function of the front face of electric vehicles . The is fully integrated Mezzo Panel Allows designers to redesign , And help engineers realize seamless integration of advanced driving assistance system (ADAS) function ( Such as radar 、 Cameras and lighting ).

      Global creative director of Magna exterior decoration Department Brian Krull Express :“ Through this technology , We are equivalent to handing a brush to designers and engineers , Make a design suitable for the current vehicle , Or directly in the blank 、 Customizable surface redesign , Redefining the brand for future electric vehicles and autopilot cars .”

      magna Mezzo Panel Use matte concealment (hidden-until-lit) lighting , So before activating the lighting , Its surface looks very clean and smooth , Thus, innovative lighting options can be provided . new Mezzo Panel There is also an animated lighting space for communicating vehicle intent and status alarms , Active aerodynamics technology can be added to improve vehicle mileage , At the same time, it has a futuristic appearance .

      future , The technology may also use sustainable materials , Such as environmentally friendly plastics 、 Coatings and films , Further promote the sustainable development of automobile manufacturers . And sustainable materials can transmit signals , So as to achieve ADAS Seamless integration of sensors .

Michelin officially launched self repairing tires for the Chinese market


@ Tencent news :8 month 16 Japan , Michelin officially launched self repairing tires in the Chinese market (sefseal), It will significantly improve the loss of tire pressure caused by puncture of automobile tires , So as to meet consumers' demand for safe and comfortable travel .

      Michelin self repairing tire (Selfseal) Will be in Guangdong 、 jiangsu 、 Zhejiang 、 Beijing 、 Shanghai 、 Shandong 、 anhui 、 Henan 8 Offline chica stores and Michelin certified retail stores in provinces and cities are officially on sale , Current coverage PRIMACY 4 Of 6 Specifications and PILOT SPORT 4 SUV Of 2 Specifications , Provide original and replacement products for a variety of passenger cars and commercial vehicles .

      8 month 18 Number up , Michelin tmall's official flagship store and Michelin Jingdong's official flagship store will also launch new products simultaneously .

Vendor dynamics

Xu Jiayin leaves office , Evergrande auto fell more than 5.11%


@ Sohu :8 month 17 Japan , According to the national enterprise credit information publicity system ( guangdong ) Show , Xu Jiayin is no longer the chairman of Evergrande real estate , Ke Peng stepped down as general manager , The new chairman 、 The general managers are Zhao Changlong . Or affected by this news , In the secondary market , Hong Kong “ Evergrande system ” Stocks fell sharply , Evergrande property fell more than 8%, Evergrande auto fell more than 5.11%, China Evergrande fell more than 4.34%.

      For this change , People close to Evergrande said , This change is a backdoor house A return A Normal change after termination of shares , It does not involve changes in specific management structure and equity . at present , As the chairman of the board of directors of China Evergrande group and the actual controller of Evergrande real estate group, Xu Jiayin has not changed .

      It is reported that , since 2018 year -2020 year , Evergrande's annual losses are 14.28 One hundred million yuan 、44.26 One hundred million yuan 、77.4 One hundred million yuan ,8 month 9 Japan , Evergrande auto released late at night 2021 Profit warning announcement in the first half of the year , It is expected to record a net loss in the first half of this year 48 One hundred million yuan . An hour later , Evergrande motor issued another announcement , We are contacting a third party to discuss the sale of some assets such as Evergrande automobile and Evergrande property .

Geely motor's revenue in the first half of the year 450 One hundred million yuan , The average revenue per car increased year-on-year 10%


@ Interface news :8 month 18 Japan , Geely Automobile Holding Co., Ltd ( abbreviation “ Geely ”) Release 2021 The first half of the year .

      2021 In the first half of , Geely Auto revenue 450 RMB , Year-on-year growth 22%; Profit attributable to shareholders after deduction of share based payments 30.2 RMB , Year-on-year growth 31%, Shareholders should account for the profit 23.8 RMB , Net profit 24.1 RMB .

     2021 year 1-6 month , Geely's cumulative sales 630,237 car , Up about 19%. among , Link car 1-6 Monthly cumulative sales 107,873 car , Year-on-year increase 96.98%.

      In the medium term , Geely Auto plan 2025 Annual sales reached 365 Thousands of cars , Electric vehicles account for more than 30%.2021 In the first half of , geely ( Hanlingke ) Average income per car 84,184 element , Year-on-year growth 10%.

      end 2021 year 6 month 30 Japan , Geely's total cash level is 199.2 One hundred million yuan .

GAC Honda will add 12 10000 production capacity , Production of new energy vehicles


@ Car commune :《 Japanese economic news 》18 Daily news , Honda plans to strengthen the production and sales of new energy vehicles in the Chinese market . Through investment in the joint venture, about 30 One hundred million yuan , Increase the annual production capacity of GAC Honda 12 Thousands of cars , These new capacity will be in 2024 year 2 Normal mass production after months .

      It is reported that , GAC Honda has submitted its bid application to Guangzhou municipal government , It is planned to increase the production capacity of electric vehicles and other new energy vehicles in China .

      The newly expanded capacity will be expanded this year 10 Start construction in January , The construction area of relevant factories is about 18.6 Thousands of square meters , Undertake pure electric 、 Production of plug-in hybrid and other models , It is expected to increase Honda's annual production in China by about 10%, to 161 Thousands of cars .

      Honda's new car sales in China have been growing , But around the sales of new energy vehicles , The competition among brands in the Chinese market has become more and more intense , Some market segments have begun to roll in the industry , More car companies choose to layout in advance , Increase production capacity .

Comprehensive market

Ministry of industry and information technology 43 paragraph App Incomplete rectification of violations : Renren car used car 、 Uxin used car 、 Shouqi is waiting for a taxi


@ Blue whale Finance : According to the official website of the Ministry of industry and information technology , The Ministry of industry and information technology has strongly responded to users App Illegal call to address book 、 Investigate the prominent problems in three aspects: location information and opening pop-up windows to harass users , Co discovery 43 paragraph App There are still problems, and the rectification is not complete 、 Technical means confrontation 、 Inconsistent rectification of the same problem in different regions . Including Renren used car 、 Uxin used car 、 Shouqi has about three cars APP application .

      Ministry of industry and information technology , There are problems in this batch APP Should be in 8 month 25 The rectification has been completed a few days ago , Overdue rectification or inadequate rectification , The Ministry of industry and information technology will dispose of it in accordance with laws and regulations .

The Ministry of Finance : Introduce policies and funds to support the development of new energy vehicle industry


@ Bill's website : recently , The Ministry of finance is taking the lead in drafting 《 Guidance on financial support for carbon peak and carbon neutralization 》, It is planned to enrich and improve a series of fiscal and tax support policies , Actively build a fiscal and tax policy system that effectively promotes green and low-carbon development , Give full play to the basic and important pillar role of Finance in national governance , Guide and drive more policies and social funds to support green and low-carbon development .

      The Treasury is in 《 The Ministry of Finance responded to the fourth session of the 13th National People's Congress 2284 Response to recommendation No 》 I mentioned , At present, a number of funds are used to support the work related to climate change . It mainly includes :

      One according to 《 Renewable energy law of the people's Republic of China 》, The central government's support for photovoltaic industry 、 When wind power and other power generation are connected to the grid, subsidies shall be given according to the power generation capacity and fixed electricity price .

   Second, through subsidies for the purchase of new energy vehicles and exemption from purchase tax 、 Charging pile infrastructure rewards 、 New energy bus operation subsidies, etc , Support the development of China's new energy vehicle industry .

   Third, support the energy-saving transformation of existing residential buildings 、 Renewable energy building applications 、 Energy conservation of public buildings, etc .

   Fourth, support to do a good job in industrial energy-saving standards 、 Energy conservation supervision, etc .

   Fifth, support steel 、 The coal industry to resolve excess capacity , Continue to eliminate backward production capacity with high energy consumption , Release advanced production capacity .

   Sixth, through air pollution prevention and control funds , Focus on supporting clean heating in winter in northern China 、 Treatment of coal-fired boilers and industrial kilns in key areas 、 VOC Control 、 Destruction and disposal of hydrofluorocarbons, etc .

   Seventh, transfer payment funds through forestry and grassland , Further promote the upgrading of forests 、 wetland 、 Grassland carbon sink capacity .

   Eighth, through the budget funds of relevant departments , Support the improvement of basic capacity-building to deal with climate change .

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