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At 10 a.m., pick up a beautiful woman at the airport

2021-08-26 19:08:32 Wechat automobile


This program , I was invited by GAC Honda , With this brand new Guangzhou Honda EA 6 Yile , Go online and become an online car Hailing driver .

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Today's “ Business partner ” Guangzhou Honda EA6 Yile , If you want to want Become the most popular model in the high-end online car Hailing market , What do you need to rely on ?


I talked to a lot of drivers , No matter what passengers value most is comfort 、 Space etc. , Or the driver's emphasis on easy driving 、 Endurance 、 Quality, etc , obviously , This car can be praised , These are well done .


I've said it again and again , If you can choose , I don't recommend “ Oil to electricity ” The models , Because what I just said , Oil to electricity and pure electricity platforms , There will be obvious differences .


And more importantly , GAC Honda EA6 Yile is a production standard to after-sales service system , They are the same models as other GAC Honda products .



Test drive evaluation —— Guangzhou Honda EA6 Yile
by  Yuan qicong

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