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The price of the new "Lexus GX460" is exposed. With a V8 engine, it starts at only 360000!

2021-08-26 19:27:43 Oriental Information automobile

As a Buddhist representative in the automotive field , Lexus has also completed the replacement of its products , The car in the picture is a new generation that will be launched next year “ lexus GX460”, Compared with previous models , This car is full of sincerity , In addition to the overall improvement in the shape , More importantly, the configuration has also been comprehensively upgraded . And only 5.65 Starting at $million , Make this car full of sincerity . I don't know how it will perform in the market after listing next year !

This new generation “GX460” There will be two versions , Standard edition and Black Line edition , Both cars have been comprehensively upgraded in appearance . First on the front , Compared with the previous domineering style , This car is a little more exquisite , We noticed that the spindle grid became more regular , A stepped shape design is adopted from the front to the bottom , Internal dot matrix design , With powerful visual effects ! Headlights , Obviously shorter in size , And the interior of the light source has also changed , A double-layer LED headlight , The lightning driving lamp adopts a sinking shape , It perfectly shows its sharpness !

I don't know if you find out , From the front of this car, it is , The line feeling of the whole car is completely released , From its front face to the bonnet and then to the double wheel eyebrows on the side , It is very similar to the new Rand cooluzer . And in color , Lexus designers have also made adjustments , For example, a new car has been added “ Spark Silver ”、“ Agate black ” Pearl paint and Black Line Version unique “ Seaweed pearl green ” Metallic paint . And Black Line The version is also for the grille 、 The handle 、 Door and window trim strips and other parts were blackened , The whole is more sporty .

interiors , This kind of 460 Adjustments have also been made , For example, replace the original embedded central control screen with a new one 10.3 Inch suspended central control screen , And more ergonomic design . In terms of functionality , Include Apple CarPlay and Android Auto And voice assistant have become the standard configuration of this car , So in terms of human-computer interaction , This car will have a qualitative improvement over the past . Yes, of course , Some small details inside , This kind of 460 Also made a comprehensive upgrade , Craftsman spirit is displayed incisively and vividly . In terms of security , This car is also equipped with “ Lexus security system +”, The system includes an active braking function with pedestrian and cyclist identification function 、 Automatic high and low beam assist 、 Adaptive cruise system, etc , It also saves you worries when driving .

Finally, the power , Xiao Bian, according to the news ahead , This car will continue to carry one 4.6L V8 Naturally aspirated engine , Its maximum output power 224kW, Peak torque 446N·m. And what matches that is 6 Speed automatic transmission , At the same time, it is equipped with a full-time four-wheel drive system with Thomson limited slip differential and low-speed transfer case . The starting price of the new car is about RMB 36.73 Ten thousand yuan , I don't know if my friends have any different views on this car .

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