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The salesperson was worried when he met a large number of Audi a6ls by chance. You can choose one in case of 8

2021-08-26 19:35:51 Oriental Information automobile

Economic income has increased , When buying a car, consumers also focus on the luxury car body , In China, Mercedes Benz, BMW and Audi are the most popular among consumers , And it's a luxury car . Mercedes E level 、 audi A6L Is the luxury car in people's mind , With it , No matter what occasion, the waist pole is hard . But now the competition in the automobile industry is becoming more and more fierce , These luxury cars are also being reduced , It used to be at least hundreds of thousands , But now some models only need 20 About 10000 can buy hands , It has attracted many consumers .

since 2018 From the second half of , China's automobile market has entered “ Winter period ”, The sales of many car companies are depressed , Mercedes Benz, BMW and Audi are also having a hard time , There was a car friend who went to buy a car before , I ran into a large number of Audi A6L models . At that time, the driver went to buy a luxury car , For a long time , I think the prices are very expensive . At this time, the salesperson said that there are a batch of A6L On sale , as long as 8 Just in case, you can choose . As soon as you hear of such a good thing , I want to see it right away .

As a result, I went to the parking lot , There was a full Audi A6L. From the appearance, these models are covered with dust , It's not a new car at first sight , It's a stock car that can't be sold . But on second thought , A brand new car A6L At least 40 ten thousand , Now? 8 Ten thousand yuan can be chosen casually , Even if you drive home to the repair shop to repair it , It's more cost-effective to spend tens of thousands of yuan at most . As a result, the salesperson said that this was not only a batch of stock cars, but also bubble cars , However, it has been completely repaired , If you think about starting , The price can be discussed again .

If you only stock cars, you can also consider starting , Because after parking for a long time , Maybe it's just oil deterioration or hub deformation , Important parts of the car will not be damaged . And if you've been blistered, it's different , First of all, it will affect the normal operation of car lines , In addition, the sediment in the water may have entered the engine , Therefore, driving on the road will cause “ damage ”, And it's hard to repair . No wonder these salespeople are worried , Who does this car put on , Who dares to buy it ?

Small make up short : The auto industry has not been very prosperous in recent months , Therefore, many auto enterprises have appeared inventory phenomenon to varying degrees . When dealing with these loss cars , Most dealers will lower their prices , As soon as consumers see that the price is very cheap, they quickly start . But we must consider whether we can start with the stock car , Some cars are kept in stock for too long , The lines on the car are aging , It's not recommended to start with , And the bubble car doesn't even think about it . Riders encounter a large number of Audi A6L, The salesperson was worried ,8 In case the platform is up to you !

source : Qingluan period

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