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Weilai ES6 crashed into a minibus. After seeing the scene, I felt that Weilai would not love again

2021-08-26 19:35:56 Oriental Information automobile

Wei to ES6 Hit a minibus , After seeing the scene , I feel that Wei Lai won't love again ! Wei to ES6 As the second pure electric under Weilai SUV, It's not worth mentioning in terms of sales , The attraction is not enough for Weilai's first model ES8 So big , Maybe at the ebb of the electric car wave , Wei Lai is experiencing the embarrassment of naked swimming , In terms of data , Wei to ES6 The price is not close to the people , Before subsidies 35.8 Wan to 49.8 The price of 10000 really makes ordinary people can't love ,, However, the endurance under working conditions reaches 410km, Even after the subsidy 20 You can buy it in the early tens of thousands , To be honest, this price is really attractive , In terms of sales volume , The sales volume of Weilai in the last month has reached 2000 More than a , This data is really good to tell the truth , In terms of price , Wei Lai has no advantage , As a domestic electric vehicle , In today's fierce competition , Wei Lai can do this , Let everyone really recognize domestic electric vehicles , And it's a high-end electric car , It's really not easy to tell the truth , No wonder Wei Lai CEO Li Bin will show his pride : Before us, no domestic car could sell so expensive . In today's , People can accept flowers 20 Million or more to buy a domestic car , Wei Lai's contribution is also some .

But recently, a new Wei Lai ES6 Had an accident , A Yulai ES6 Hit a minibus , The scene looks like a mess , In the end, Wei Lai es6 How are you doing ? We can see this Wei Lai ES6 The door of seems to have suffered a very strong scratch and collision , But in fact , The size of this minibus is definitely bigger than Wei Lai ES6 Much larger , But thanks to Wei Lai ES6 All aluminum body of , Protect the safety of the passengers in the car , And the damage to the car is not deep , But it is estimated that the insurance cost is more , If you repair the car , The all aluminum body actually increases the cost of repairing the car , After all, this is not ordinary material , The cost of repairing the car will certainly not be cheap .

Let's take a look inside the car , This is Wei Lai ES6 The situation in the car is also quite gratifying , All the airbags in the car pop out , This is actually for car owners , Is a very gratifying thing , It protects the safety of the passengers in the car , The opening of the side air curtain makes the majority of consumers feel a little bit of value for money , Safety is not lost to Volvo . For a flower 20 More than ten thousand people bought Wei Lai ES6 For consumers , Should feel a sigh of relief , At least Wei Lai ES6 Your safety is guaranteed , I hope Wei Lai ES6 Will participate in the crash test of China Insurance Research Institute in the future , Prove to the consumers what the quality of Weilai is , This is actually the first step for Weilai to improve its corporate image , Let consumers realize , Weilai is an electric vehicle enterprise that really serves the people , Instead of those miscellaneous electric vehicle enterprises that cheat factories in order to cheat subsidies and policies , What you think? ?

But after seeing the scene , I just want to say , The owner of Weilai will feel a little tired and don't love , Even a little hurt , Because it's very simple , It's too expensive to repair ! Insurance costs are going up again ! For consumers , I can't really hurt !

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