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The new car has exquisite workmanship and high quality? Tucson L has no discount at present, starting from 161800 yuan

2021-08-26 19:35:59 Oriental Information automobile

A car dealer in Zhaoqing recently announced Tucson L Preferential prices in the region : At present, Tucson L There is no discount for car purchase ,16.18 From ten thousand yuan , The specific selling price information is shown in the figure below :

Review Tucson L Basic information of . The shark mouth grille designed by Hyundai for this car , The interior is complemented by scaly trim panels , The sportiness of the front of the car is even better . Fog lamp area Hyundai has designed automatic high and low beam switching headlights for this car , Daytime running lights are also designed in the form of scales , Feeling futuristic . At the same time, the body size becomes 4670×1865×1690mm, The wheelbase is longer than that of overseas long wheelbase models 40mm, Reached 2755mm. thus it can be seen , Beijing Hyundai is pushing this fifth generation Tucson L when , Fully consider the user needs of the Chinese market . To echo the front of the car , The tail lamp is designed with Eagle claws , Two claw tips on the left and right , Looks like Tucson L It was with the eagle …. Fortunately, it looks comfortable , And high recognition . But I have to mention that the position of the turn indicator at the end of the car is relatively low , It's not easy to see , If you can integrate the two above “ Hawk claw ” I'll be fine . The center console is wrapped in a large area of soft leather , Feel and grade have been improved , The position of the instrument cluster is lower , Built in design , It looks more concise , It provides consumers with three different theme forms , It will be displayed according to different driving modes . Four spoke steering wheel and Sonata 、 Elantra's design approach is similar . The surface is covered with cortex , The touch is delicate , In addition, it is still equipped with a shift paddle , For driving pleasure . As Beijing Hyundai's first product based on i-GMP platform-built SUV models , The fifth generation Tucson L We also tried our best to match the power of . It was carrying 1.5T GDi High power engine , Adopt the world's first CVVD Continuously variable valve duration technology , Can give consideration to efficiency 、 Economy and performance . The maximum power of the engine 147kW, Maximum torque 253Nm, This should be the same level 1.5T The best engine performance data , Even more than many 2.0T The engines are higher . coordination 7 Fast double clutch gearbox , It also makes this 1.5T The power reserve of the engine is sufficient to meet the needs of daily use . Since it is change , Then the configuration must keep pace with the times . The first 5 Dai Tusheng L The configuration on is also quite rich . Except for the... All over the car USB Outside the interface , It also provides wireless charging function . And Baidu 3.0 The intelligent networking system supports natural speech recognition 、 Smart car home mutual control 、 User location interconnection 、 Convenient functions such as location sharing , It can realize the intelligent voice control of the equipment in the vehicle , Such as controlling the window , Air conditioner , skylight , Seats, etc .

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