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BMW: redefining luxury with Digitization

2021-08-26 19:36:07 Oriental Information automobile

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BMW is redefining the meaning of luxury .

In the pioneering Chinese market , BMW is making rapid strides on the road of digitization , Take this as the frontier of digital transformation , Build business travel competitiveness , Continue the advantages that have been ahead for a hundred years .

8 month 17 Japan , In the world's most important market , The forefront of transformation —— China , BMW did “2021 BMW Innovation Day — Digital Internet holds online live broadcast ”, Shows its significance for “ Luxury digital travel experience ” The concrete answer .

Gao Le, President and CEO of BMW Group in Greater China, once made it clear that ,“ In the past, we used to design and product performance —— Like power take-off 、 The luxury is defined by such indicators as turning speed , But now the degree of digitization will become an important factor in determining customers' purchase intention .”

2021 Year is BMW iDrive Human computer interaction system release 20 Anniversary of the , New generation BMW iDrive Launched this year , It's more like announcing the arrival of a new digital era for BMW . This new human-computer interaction system will be innovated BMW iX Enter the market together .

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