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The starting price of the new Passat is 18000 lower than that of the Audi A4L. What's the change?

2021-08-26 19:37:44 Oriental Information automobile

newest , The new The news that Passat is about to appear on the market has become a hot topic , The major media are competing to report . The reason is simple , This old German hot car is to return to “ Top current ” Location , Passat really spelled .

First , New car launch 16.8-24.5 The pre-sale price of ten thousand yuan , This set of prices may make many fans stare , Even the ghost brother who is a veteran of the car market is a little surprised , Compared with the Passat on sale , Lower starting price 1.79 ten thousand , The price of top configuration is reduced 3.79 ten thousand . and , According to the law of the car market , The price of a new car may be a little lower than the pre price , Price dimensionality reduction is still very attractive .

Probably , Some fans will think , Will such a price drop shrink in configuration ? From the current news , The new Passat doesn't really . contrary , The interior material and configuration of the new car have been upgraded . such as , New car is equipped with 9 airbag , Add active security configuration, etc , Add high-value equipment .

in addition , Another important change is reflected in the body size , The new Passat is longer than the current one 15mm, achieve 4948mm, Than the audi A4L Of 4858mm grow 90mm, More than accord and Camry . however , Wheelbase does not change , Wheelbase or 2871mm.

The front face is divided into two sets , A partial business , The front face is equipped with banner air inlet grille ; A partial motion , It is a dot matrix front face with very high media exposure . motivation , The biggest change is the addition of the new Passat PHEV Version model , The plug-in hybrid model is composed of 1.4T+ Motor combination . The fuel version also has the original “ formula ”, still 1.4T/2.0T High and low power engine +7 Power combination of speed double clutch gearbox .

Ghost car view : Get back to your old position in the Jianghu , Carry out all-round optimization and upgrading in new models , Yes , After Passat stumbled , There is no reply on sales “ Energy ”,7 month , Passat's sales reached 5848 car , Compared with the traditional Jianghu status , Obviously it doesn't match . This time, , The price of the new Passat has been reduced a lot , meanwhile , You look good 、 Configuration and configuration are upgraded . that , Can this change of the new Passat impress fans ? As a result, the market has to give an answer . Regarding this , What do fans think , Leave a message for brother ghost .

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