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The most beautiful balcony? Isn't this the house in my mind? This balcony, that's it!

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middle-aged , No idea , May children be obedient , The old man is in good health , I have nothing to worry about .

One day , Drive through the ring road , See a house with a lush roof , Green green , I , The fall of . From now on , A house with a roof garden became my biggest dream at that time .

Look at the skyscrapers outside the window from the balcony .

Over the next two years , When you have time on the weekend , Is to visit real estate in Dongguan , Look at the house . Hesitant , Don't want to . Either the house type is unsatisfactory or the location is a little poor , Either the orientation is bad or the light is not enough .

People pay attention to fate , People and houses also pay attention to fate ! Fate has come , Just a glance , Ten thousand years !

Flowers and plants planted on the balcony 、 Melon and fruit .

As usual , Come here , After listening to the sales lady's skillful Introduction , I said, :“ No matter how big you are , There are only four rooms , Not enough !” Then we are ready to leave . She said :“ We have a penthouse !”“ Then go and have a look !” Take a look , Isn't this the house in my mind ? The north and the south are transparent , The rising sun , There is a terrace , There are storage rooms, activity rooms, study rooms , I have everything I want , There's nothing I don't want ! Is it the !

The principle of shopping is always the same , You're trying hard to find a favorite , No place to find , As a result, it took no time .

Flowers blooming on the balcony .

On the terrace , We planted passion fruit 、 The jasmine , lemon , Sweet-scented osmanthus 、 Mysterious fruit, etc . Watch the flowers bloom , Waiting for fruit , To pick fruit ……… Full of joy and sense of achievement ! In my spare time , Sitting under the passion fruit rack , Read a book , It's also a pleasure !

Watch the sunrise on the balcony .

【 Activity Introduction 】

The balcony is an extension of family space , Witnessing the happy life of millions of families .“ There is love on the balcony :2021 The most beautiful balcony mobile photography competition in ” Officially opened . A delicate and loving life , Let's start with the story on the balcony .

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