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One of the "Wulingyuan answer sheet" series: fighting the "delta" and guarding the three thousand peaks -- Sidelights of the "iron fist" anti epidemic in Wulingyuan District, Zhangjiajie City

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【 Editor's note 】 General secretary Xi Jinping said ,“ The times are the writers , We are the respondents , People are reviewers ”. In the new covid-19 examination , Wulingyuan people scrupulously perform their duties , solidarity , Force in the same direction , Always keep “ Zero diagnosis ”“ Zero cases ”, We have guarded the pure land of Wulingyuan , He handed over an answer sheet satisfactory to the people .

to fight “ The delta ” Guard three thousand peaks

—— Wulingyuan District, Zhangjiajie City “ Iron hand ” Anti epidemic sidelights

Since May this year , Wulingyuan's tourism recovery is showing a strong trend , The average number of tourists who enter the mountain once a day reaches 2 ten thousand people , near 2019 The best year in history is the same period level . But a sudden “ The delta ” COVID-19 has stopped the tourism economy that Wulingyuan supports ! Facing the epidemic situation , Wulingyuan people pressed the travel button with the courage of breaking their wrists “ Pause key ”, Unite as one and face the encounter , Unite as one to meet the difficulties , With an iron fist, we have comprehensively launched the encounter of epidemic prevention and control .

Iron discipline , Compaction prevention and control wartime responsibility

7 month 26 On the afternoon of Sunday , Wulingyuan District received the notification of assistance in investigation :3 example “ The delta ” COVID-19 diagnoses transfer from Nanjing Lukou Airport to Zhangjiajie Hehua Airport , It is a case related to the epidemic transmission chain , Its 3 People used to 7 month 17 solstice 23 Travel in Wulingyuan, Zhangjiajie on the th . The news came out , Wulingyuan enters immediately “ wartime state ”.

“ Epidemic prevention and control is overriding , We will win this blocking battle with iron will ! Military orders are like a mountain ! There is no drama in the army ! by military rules ! Firmly guard the lifeline of people's health !”26 Friday night , Zhang Gong, Secretary of Wulingyuan District Party committee of Zhangjiajie City, asked when presiding over the emergency dispatching meeting , Epidemic prevention and control must be under unified leadership 、 Unified command 、 Unified action “ Three unifications ”. After the epidemic prevention and control order is issued , Wulingyuan District Party committee and government immediately adjusted the focus of their work , Start the wartime mechanism , Quickly set up with the Secretary of the district Party committee as the first commander , The district epidemic prevention and control headquarters with the district head as the commander , There is a comprehensive coordination system 、 News and public opinion 、 Logistical support 、 Flow modulation kill 、 Sampling isolation Medical 、 Emergency response 、 Emergency treatment 、 Tourist services 、 Mass service 、 Discipline supervision, etc 12 Special working groups , Enrich the strength of epidemic prevention and control headquarters , Coordinate the epidemic prevention and control of the whole region , It ensures that all work can be handed down within the fastest time limit , Put it in place . Improve the department level leaders to pack films and connect points 、 township ( The street ) Territorial management 、 Working mechanism of linkage of relevant functional departments , The person in charge of film packaging immediately rushed to all villages ( The street ) Supervise the work related to epidemic prevention and control , A very dangerous 、 The epidemic prevention and control encounter with extremely complex situation has started in an all-round way .

The regional epidemic prevention and control headquarters immediately issued a notice to the cadres and workers of the whole region to give up the weekend and all staff to fight the epidemic , Issue a mobilization order to the broad masses of the whole region to fully participate in epidemic prevention and control . The Organization Department of Wulingyuan District Party Committee immediately sent an open letter to all Party members and cadres , Call on everyone to give full play to the fighting fortress role of grass-roots organizations in the region and the vanguard and exemplary role of Party members and cadres in epidemic prevention and control ; District Commission for Discipline Inspection 、 The District Supervision Committee issued the first time 《 On strict implementation of epidemic prevention and control discipline “ All eight are dismissed ” The notice of 》, It provides a strong disciplinary guarantee for the epidemic prevention and control in the whole region ; The Publicity Department of the district Party Committee immediately issued a proposal to recruit health volunteers for epidemic prevention and control to the society , Applicants gathered ; A large number of capable forces of the political and legal line have been invested in card point squatting and security ; The health system is ready for all elite medical forces to put into battle in an all-round way ……

20 For many days , The main working forces in Wulingyuan District have been fully invested in the front line of epidemic prevention , Epidemic prevention and control has become a top priority in the region . The regional epidemic prevention and control headquarters shall establish a daily consultation and emergency dispatching system at any time , end 8 month 22 The th has been held successively 59 This epidemic prevention and control work scheduling meeting , Focus on site management 、 Red and yellow personnel management and control 、 Nucleic acid detection 、 Flow modulation kill 、 Isolation point preparation 、 Material support 、 Supervision and discipline enforcement 、 Arrange and deploy mass service and other work , Ensure effective, orderly and effective completion of prevention and control tasks . Besides , The District Commission for Discipline Inspection and supervision has strengthened the supervision of discipline enforcement , Realize the whole region 6 A township ( The street )33 A village ( Community ) Supervise full coverage , All kinds of places were supervised on site 397 Times , Report problems and assign them all 、 Supervise and urge the implementation of rectification 102 individual ; Accountability 7 people , The admonition conversation 2 people , Party discipline and administrative punishment 5 people .

Iron measures , Build epidemic prevention “ iron bastions ”

Completely shut down the scenic spot .7 month 28 Japan , Wulingyuan District closed the charm of Western Hunan in advance 、 Zhangjiajie eternal love 、 Dream Zhangjiajie 、 Great Xiangxi memory, etc 4 An entertainment venue ;7 month 29 Japan , Complete closure of tourist shopping places 、 Theaters 、KTV And other personnel in closed places , And start the ticket refund work overnight , Accumulated refunds completed 8391 people 、71.03 Ten thousand yuan , The number of people who withdraw from the travel agency is 8312 people ;7 month 30 Japan , Wulingyuan core scenic spot 、 the yellow dragon cave 、 BaoFeng Lake 、 Xibulao street and other scenic spots will be closed .

Nucleic acid detection and sampling in Wulingyuan District

Full staff nucleic acid detection .7 month 26 Friday night , Nucleic acid detection was carried out in Wulingyuan District for the first time 2926 Share , Including the charming Xiangxi theater 、 Nabli Hotel 、 Close contact objects such as Genli supermarket 388 people 、 Secondary close contact object 91 people , And check and isolate key groups . from 7 month 27 Since the beginning of the day , The whole region has a clear responsibility to strengthen the nucleic acid sampling organization , All standing committee members 、 The deputy district chief sank to the township ( The street )、 The village ( Community ), The implementation of “ Knock on the door ”, One by one , Ensure that the information of nucleic acid sampling personnel is not missed , leave no one behind . It has been scientifically set up in the streets of each township 65 A sampling point , By reasonable time-sharing notice 、 The cloud monitoring 、 Cloud video 、5G Infrared thermal imaging, temperature measurement and other measures to carry out nucleic acid detection for all staff .110 A nucleic acid detection data acquisition system was launched ,247 Application of mobile epidemic prevention and control information collection system , 10 Complete data comparison in minutes …… The regional big data center cooperates with the information and communication department in the region , Make full use of big data and other technical means , Enable the informatization of nucleic acid detection and sampling , complete 、 Accurate data , In order to do a good job in epidemic prevention and control “ Data War ” Provide sufficient “ ammunition ”. By the time of publication , The health code of the whole area is cleared from red and yellow , Complete seven full staff nucleic acid tests , Cumulative submitted for inspection 376288 Share , The results were negative .

The traffic police are on duty at the checkpoint

“ Iron bucket ” External defense input .“ We have to make sure that no mosquito can fly in !”8 month 1 Japan , In order to further strengthen the management and control of returning foreign military personnel in the area , Wulingyuan district took the lead in implementing “ Iron bucket tactics ”. Except on the national highway 、 Provincial roads and other important traffic channels are set outside the bayonet , All villages connected with adjacent districts and counties ( Community ) path 、 Creek , Set up necessary traffic checkpoints . All special vehicles shall be provided with the pass certificate issued by the epidemic prevention and control headquarters at or above the district level , In principle, other vehicles are not allowed to enter or leave . In principle, all personnel are not allowed to go in and out , If necessary, you must hold the negative certificate of three nucleic acid tests and health code 、 Travel Code Green code can pass . According to statistics , There are... In the whole region 110 A checkpoint , arrange 1080 Staff 24 Watch out for hours .

The card entrance of the community strictly controls the entry and exit of personnel

“ Pocket ” Internal control risk . In order to further improve internal control , Wulingyuan District 8 month 3 It will be implemented throughout the region from the th “ Pocket tactics ”. For all physically managed residential areas and unit staff dormitories in the region 、 A relatively independent area composed of self built houses by residents 、 Single family hotels, B & B Inns 、 All buildings in the natural administrative village group 、 All houses are designed according to “ Pocket ” Manage in an open mode , For each “ Pocket ” Clear measures 、 Strict management , Fully implement physical isolation and closed management 、 Daily control , Every “ Pocket ” Keep one “ The mouth of the bag ”, To set up “ Bayonet ” For the only access , Personnel other than staff are strictly prohibited from entering and leaving , The card keeper shall stick to his post ,24 On duty every hour . Yes, don't listen to persuasion , Force “ Chuang Gang 、 Punch card ” Of , The management personnel shall report to the public security organ for serious treatment according to law .

“ We have to fence the iron bucket and race against the epidemic ! Tighten your pockets to compete with the virus !”8 month 12 Japan , Deputy Secretary of Wulingyuan District Party committee 、 Acting warden 、 Wu Yuping, leader of the regional epidemic prevention and control leading group, said when guiding epidemic prevention and control at the urban card point , We should further strictly implement control measures 、 Strengthen the investigation of foreign personnel 、 Accurately implement personnel management 、 Strengthen information submission 、 Do a good job in dealing with emergencies , Weave a dense prevention and control network , Plug the loopholes in prevention and control , Use airtight copper and iron walls to resolutely isolate the virus , In order to win the encounter of epidemic prevention and control as soon as possible .

Iron security , Ensure prevention and control “ zero ” The record of

ex , Thousands of troops move forward . The army has moved , Food and grass first . Since Wulingyuan District launched the war of prevention and control of epidemic situation in an all-round way , In terms of personnel and material support, it has received iron general support from all departments in the region and all sectors of society .

“ Charge ahead , embattled …… Unconditional obedience …… Safeguard the life safety of the people in our district !”7 month 31 Japan , Wulingyuan District Natural Resources Bureau handed over a letter of invitation with the red fingerprints of Party members, cadres and workers of the whole situation to the district epidemic prevention and control headquarters . Then , district Party committee 、 All units directly under the district 、 The organs of the Bureau and the management committees , Each Township street 、 Village communities have also volunteered , Quickly organize forces to rush to... Under high temperature “ Battlefield ”, Put in a smoke free “ fighting ”. In front of the epidemic , All departments and units in Wulingyuan District are committed to the forefront of epidemic prevention and control , Temporary party branches were solemnly established on the front line of battle , Party flags fluttered high on the front line of the fight against the epidemic , Party members and cadres organize the masses to consciously and strictly implement epidemic prevention and control measures in their respective regions .

Militia guard nucleic acid detection points

8 month 1 Japan , It's No 94 A military day . This morning , Wulingyuan District People's armed forces organization 90 Backbone militia and street militia who are undergoing centralized rotation training rushed to various nucleic acid detection points in the urban area , Assist in personnel information registration 、 Check the health code 、 take temperature 、 Maintain site order , Divert people 、 Vehicles, etc , Had a special “ festival ”.“ A militia is a soldier , In the motherland 、 When there are difficulties in my hometown , Should charge ahead .” Zhao Shenghua, the militia who has been sticking to the nucleic acid detection point of the State Guest Hotel, firmly said . according to an uncompleted statistic , Since the fight against the epidemic , The front line of anti epidemic in Wulingyuan District is active with nearly all kinds of volunteers every day 3000 people , This is an on call 、 Come and fight 、 Go all out 、 Selfless dedication “ forces ”.

“‘ Five long ’ The responsibility system is very good , It provides a good organizational guarantee for epidemic prevention and control in the whole region !”8 month 4 Japan , The commander of the comprehensive implementation of Wulingyuan District 、 Film length 、 Card length 、 A little long 、 stationmaster “ Five long ” Responsibility system , Good results were achieved .“ Five long ” The commander of the is appointed by the district Party committee 、 Main leaders of the government , The film length is from Bao Xiang ( The street ) Department leaders 、 Baocun ( Residence ) The township level team serves as , The card leader shall be the police of the police station under the jurisdiction where the card point is located or the Township street cadre , The point leader shall be the department level leader who contacts the centralized medical isolation observation point , The local village community cadres or party members serve as the head of the nucleic acid detection and sampling station , Everyone has a clear division of labor , There is also coordination and cooperation , It's done horizontally to the edge 、 Vertical to bottom 、 Responsibility to person 、 No dead ends . Through the comprehensive integration of resources , Achieve epidemic prevention and control in the whole region “ One heart ”“ A game of chess ”, Build up and down together “ iron bastions ”.

Wulingyuan medical support team rushed to Yongding District Plum leaf taken

Green mountains and clouds together , How ever was Mingyue the hometown . In addition to doing a good job in epidemic prevention and control in Wulingyuan District , It also extended a helping hand to Yongding District, brother County in time .8 month 10 solstice 13 Japan , Hundreds of people and three batches of medical support teams have been sent to support Chongwen street, Yongding District 、 Tianmen Mountain town , Nearly... Nucleic acid detection samples have been completed in total 2.2 Thousands of people . One side has difficulties , P plus support . meanwhile , The epidemic prevention and control headquarters of Wulingyuan District held a special meeting , Conduct specific research and deployment on the centralized isolation of the isolated objects in Yongding District , A new docking service working group outside the region was established to implement various epidemic prevention and control measures , Form a closed-loop management , Fully cooperate in the transformation and use of isolation points 、 Personnel management 、 Nucleic acid detection sampling 、 Kill inside and outside 、 Mass service and other work , Ensure that isolation points are efficient 、 Orderly 、 Safe operation , Contribute Wulingyuan's strength to the overall situation of epidemic prevention and control in the city . Up to now , A total of centralized isolation points have been set up for the isolation objects in Yongding District 20 individual , Isolate the room 3196 between , Isolation personnel have been arranged 3388 people .

Hongjiang City's love donation helps epidemic prevention and control Peng Lei taken

In the hot sun , Batch by batch “ Epidemic disease ” Arrival of materials ; In the night , The handling of donated materials one by one …… Introduction to the staff of logistics support group of district prevention and control headquarters , up to now , The cumulative participation is the whole region “ Epidemic disease ” Front line distribution of living materials 252 batch , A total of vehicles were dispatched 3500 The other times , Among them, distribution medical personnel 、 Eat at the isolation point 80684 Share , Transfer control materials 230 More than ten thousand , Handling drinking water 、 food 、 Daily necessities and other materials 21660 Remaining boxes 、 vegetables 60 tons 、 Fresh meat 24000 Yu jin . By 8 month 20 Japan 24 when , masks 、 Protective clothing 、 disinfectant 、 glove 、 The inventory of medical materials such as isolation clothes is 2586886 Pieces of , All kinds of anti epidemic materials are fully guaranteed .

The risk has not gone far , Prevention and control never stop ; People paddle and sail , Work together for a decisive battle .8 month 16 solstice 22 Japan , Zhangjiajie has achieved new growth for seven consecutive days 0 Case , The dawn of victory in the fight against the epidemic initially appeared . Wulingyuan people believe , In accordance with the party central committee 、 The State Council, the provincial Party committee and the provincial government 、 The decision-making and deployment of the municipal Party committee and the municipal government , In the District Committee 、 Under the strong leadership of the district government , With the support of all walks of life , Wulingyuan insisted “ yan ” Word in the head 、“ tight ” Word first , Focus on risk control , Isolation management with one hand , I'm sure I can keep it “ Zero diagnosis 、 Zero infection ” Position , Strive to win an all-round victory in the war of prevention and control of epidemic situation as soon as possible . The picturesque beauty is always , After the storm, wait for the king to come . Wulingyuan people are willing to , Wait for the clouds to open “ Epidemic disease ” Scattered time , Will use the more magical and charming 3000 Cuiwei peaks 、 800 glazed water , Warmly entertain guests and friends from all over the world .

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