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Dong'an police destroyed a wechat distribution fraud Gang, involving an amount of 15.4 million yuan

2021-08-26 20:23:49 Red Net

< strong > red net time, August 23 < / strong > (correspondent Wei Longyuan and Jiang Yifang) used personal wechat collection code to collect money for telecom network fraud gangs, so as to earn commissions. In August 21st, the Dongan police in Hunan successfully destroyed a WeChat running fraud gang and arrested 6 suspect. p>

In early August, the anti fraud police of Dong'an County Public Security Bureau found that Shen, the boss of a decoration company located in the county, and Tang mouying, an employee, gathered more than 10 relatives and friends and used wechat collection code to transfer funds for telecom network fraud gangs. The transaction volume was huge and suspected of illegal money laundering. Later, further identify the membership and criminal facts of the gang. On the evening of August 21, the police collected the net and arrested six backbone members of the gang, including Tang Yiying, Tang Yimei, Tang Yihua, Hu, he and Hu

Through interrogation, it was found that at the end of March this year, fraudsters engaged in overseas telecom network fraud contacted Shen mouming and Tang mouying to collect and withdraw money by using wechat QR code, purchase virtual currency on the designated platform, transfer it out, and pay remuneration in the proportion of 5 ‰ - 20 ‰. Shen and Tang agreed to provide him with wechat collection QR code and bank card to transfer funds, knowing that the origin of the transferred funds was unknown. After getting a lot of commissions in several transactions, Tang mouying, who tasted the sweetness, quickly developed her brother-in-law, sister and friends Tang moumei, Tang mouhua, Hu, he and Hu, who were offline to help fraudsters transfer money laundering. For each transaction offline, she and Shen mouming extracted a 3 ‰ - 5 ‰ Commission. According to statistics, since April, the criminal gang has transferred 15.4 million yuan of fraud funds and obtained hundreds of thousands of yuan of commission

at present, 6 suspects, including Shen Ming and Tang Mouying, were detained for criminal suspect of fraud and other suspect was pursuing. The case is under further investigation

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