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The special issue of epidemic prevention and popular science of red net mobile news - school will begin in autumn. Please accept this guide to epidemic prevention and control

2021-08-26 20:24:47 Red Net

at present , Novel coronavirus pneumonia in Hunan “ Zero addition ”. However “ Zero addition ” Not equal to zero risk . School is about to begin in autumn , All schools should make an overall plan before the beginning of school in autumn 、 At the beginning of school 、 Epidemic prevention and control in all links after school starts , To ensure the health of teachers and students in the new semester in autumn 、 Teaching order and campus safety .

1、 The school epidemic prevention and control conditions fail to meet the local epidemic prevention and control requirements , Can't go back to school ;2、 The school's various prevention and control measures are not implemented in place , Can't go back to school ;3、 Effective emergency plans and drills are not implemented in place , Can't go back to school .

1、 According to the requirements of epidemic prevention and control , Combined with local 、 In fact, our school , Formulate the school opening work plan , Achieve “ One school, one case ”. Clarify the check-in arrangement , Refine epidemic prevention and control measures , Be prepared for emergencies ;2、 Fully grasp the residence history and health status of teachers, students and employees before school starts , Establish account ;3、 Reserve necessary epidemic prevention and control materials ;4、 Accurate grasp of COVID-19 vaccination for teachers and students , Urge teachers, students and staff “ We should do everything we can ”, Complete the whole vaccination as soon as possible ;5、 Do a good job in school environmental sanitation, ventilation and disinfection ;6、 Set up emergency disposal points , Standardize emergency disposal process .

1、 Residence and before school 14 Teachers, students and employees with a history of living in low-risk areas within days rely on the green code of health code and travel code 、14 Day self health monitoring report ;

2、 High risk area of residence , Health code and travel code are yellow 、 Red code , There is a fever 、 Dry cough 、 weak 、 Sore throat 、 Smell ( taste ) Hypoesthesia 、 Diarrhea and other symptoms ,2021 year 7 Teachers and students infected with COVID-19 have been postponed to school since September. , According to the local epidemic prevention and control mechanism ( headquarters ) The requirements of , Implement nucleic acid detection and health management measures , They can only return to school after being evaluated and approved by the local health department , Health monitoring shall be continued after returning to school ;

3、 The school starts at the wrong time , Orderly organization of check-in , Avoid people gathering ;

4、 Teachers, students and staff who report to the school shall carefully measure their body temperature 、 Ask about your health 、 Check the health code 、 Travel code and COVID-19 vaccination .

1、 Strict campus closed management . Strictly control the admission personnel , Outsiders are not allowed to enter the campus unnecessarily , Make a good health code for school personnel 、 Verification and temperature measurement of travel code 、 Real name registration 、 Verification and other work ;

2、 Do a good job in students' morning ( Noon ) check 、 Investigation of the causes of absence from work due to illness and management of school leave and resumption ;

3、 Strictly implement the normalized health management measures for epidemic prevention and control . Such as , wash hands more often 、“ one metre line ” Spacing, etc . Do a good job in the classroom 、 The office 、 The library 、 Daily ventilation in crowded places such as dormitories , Increase the frequency of daily environmental cleaning and disinfection . Regularly touch and arrange the purchasing channels of food materials , Strengthen canteen and cold chain management , Prevention of norovirus infection 、 Typhoid fever 、 Infectious diseases such as dysentery ;

4、 Do a good job of security 、 Procter & Gamble 、 Health management of key groups such as canteen employees , Targeted and detailed prevention and control measures , Adhere to the system of daily health monitoring and regular nucleic acid detection ;

5、 The school will not hold large conferences and activities for the time being ;

6、 Multichannel 、 Carry out publicity and education on epidemic prevention and control in various forms .

1、 Novel coronavirus pneumonia should be fully understood. 、 Complexity and danger , Enhance awareness of prevention and control , Improve the ability of prevention and control ;2、 Do a good job of self-health monitoring every day ;3、 Wear masks in the whole process of public transport ;4、 Avoid going to places with dense population and relatively closed space as far as possible , Wear masks in public places ;5、 Teachers, students and employees do not go out of the market unless necessary .

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