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Red net mobile news on August 23, 2021

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Study party history with Xi Jinping -- Enhance cultural self-confidence

The Communist Party of China is committed to the great cause of the Chinese nation in the future , A hundred years is just in its prime ! General secretary Xi Jinping pointed out clearly that :“ The party's hundred years of struggle and great achievements are our strength ‘ Four confidence ’ The most solid foundation .”“ Four confidence ” in , Cultural self-confidence is more fundamental 、 More broadly 、 Deeper confidence , It's more basic 、 Deeper 、 More enduring power . Since the 18th CPC national congress , General secretary Xi Jinping attaches great importance to cultural confidence , emphasize “ We should make full use of the rich and colorful history and culture 、 Red cultural resources and strengthening cultural construction ”. Details click :

8 month 23 mobile news

2021 year 8 month 23 Japan Monday

the 16th day of the seventh lunar month

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* Hunan CDC issued emergency tips

* Schools in medium and high risk areas need to suspend their opening

* Hunan vegetables sell well 29 Countries and regions

* Meet Nanyue , I invite you to a trip to Guofeng

*“ In the heat ” How to keep healthy in this season

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* Hunan CDC issued emergency tips

Recently, local cases were found among overseas cargo aircraft operators at Shanghai Pudong airport . Hunan CDC issued emergency tips : If there is no need , It is suggested not to go to Pudong New Area of Shanghai in the near future .2021 year 8 month 6 Japan ( contain ) From Pudong New Area ( return ) Hunan personnel required to fulfill their personal responsibility for epidemic prevention and control , Pay attention to your trip in Pudong , Those who have a published history of residence in the medium risk area , Please take the initiative to the community where you live immediately ( The village )、 Reporting by work unit , Proactive reporting 14 Intra day activity track and contact history , Cooperate in nucleic acid detection , Implement relevant control measures . Details click :

◆ In recent days, , Requirements for issuance of notice by the Ministry of Education , We should promote the opening of the autumn semester in a safe and orderly manner . Be precise “ Wrong area 、 Wrong level 、 Wrong time 、 Staggering peak ” Back to school , Stick to one place and one policy 、 One school, one case , Classify and clarify the school opening requirements in different risk areas , Schools in medium and high risk areas are suspended , Teachers and students with a history of living in medium and high-risk areas have postponed returning to school .( Ministry of education website )

◆ This year, 1 to 7 month , Hunan import and export of agricultural products 251.8 RMB 100 million , Year on year growth 28.4%, Both imports and exports grew rapidly . Hunan's agricultural exports are mainly vegetables ,27.8 10000 tons of vegetables are exported to the world 29 Countries and regions .( Red Net )

◆ In recent days, , Revised and issued by provincial safety committee 《 Work safety inspection system of Hunan Province 》, Make it clear that the safety production inspection team will be dispatched regularly or irregularly , On the work safety of cities and prefectures and relevant departments directly under the provincial government 、 The central government conducted inspections on work safety in Hunan and relevant provincial units .( Red Net )

◆9 month 1 The date of , Changsha, etc 28 Cities will promote the application of traffic control facilitation measures such as electronic driver's license . After the promotion of electronic driver's license , Changsha drivers can pass the national unified “ Traffic management 12123” mobile phone APP Application for electronic driver's license , Handling traffic control business 、 Show and use when accepting law enforcement inspection .( Red Net )

◆ A traceable article by COVID-19, CO authored by multinational scientists, is in the United States this week. 《 cells 》 Published in magazines , This is an important judgment made by professionals in this field on the traceability problem based on the existing scientific evidence . The article strongly refutes the propaganda of some American politicians “ Laboratory leakage ” Conspiracy theories , And point out that , Cross species transmission from animal to human is the most likely source of COVID-19. .( The People's Daily )

◆21 Japan , The website of the Chinese Embassy in Afghanistan issued a security reminder , At this extraordinary time , Please Chinese citizens in Afghanistan more strictly abide by Islamic customs , Pay special attention to dressing in public 、 Don't be taboo about catering ; Keep away from dangerous areas , Strengthen self-protection .( Beijing, )

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