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The most beautiful balcony | this is an expert! The neighbor's balcony has beautiful flowers and trees, which are valuable, gorgeous and meaty

2021-08-26 20:25:28 Red Net

Where is the most beautiful balcony ? Right next to you and me . See the Red Net Forum “ There is love on the balcony ” After the announcement of the theme photography competition , I picked up my cell phone to shoot a small view of my humble old balcony . little does one think , When my wife saw me, she said :“ The flowers and trees on my balcony are too ordinary to beat the head , The neighbor Duan's house is really gorgeous , It's worth shooting !"

After listening to my wife's words , My heart is very excited . No kidding , My neighbor Duan and I , Although living together for decades , But because his family is local , One door, one yard ; My family is a stranger , Living together in groups , But rarely visit . I know the details of planting flowers and trees in his family , That's true “ just somewhere in this mountain here , but deep clouds set me wondering where .”

therefore , Accompanied by my wife , Xinsheng curiously walked into Duan's house . When I walked into Duan's house , Let me really realize “ No, I don't know , I was shocked at the sight ” The feeling of . Duan's house has been newly built in recent years , It can be called a high-end villa , Four rooms, two floors , glittering . Beautiful flowers and trees , Like a garden , All kinds of flowers and trees are everywhere , Flowers and plants placed on the steps contrast with seedlings cultivated in the courtyard shed , Fight for brilliance . Duan Lao is holding a small water pipe, like a skilled old gardener watering flowers and trees .

Let's explain our intention , Duan Lao is very happy and enthusiastic , While continuing to water the flowers and trees , While carefully introducing his family's planting of flowers and trees .

There are nine members of Duan's family , Two sons and second daughter-in-law work outside , He, his wife, his eldest daughter-in-law and three grandchildren guard the house . Although the second old man has a pension, he also has a lot of vegetable income ; The eldest daughter-in-law's surname is Luo Xianzhen , It is not only a good wife, good mother and good daughter-in-law , I love flowers and plants , A clever gardener who likes seedlings . She keeps flowers and trees all year round, like raising children , Summer sun protection , Keep warm in winter , Shelter from wind and rain , Apply medicine to treat insects , Watering and fertilizing , Prune the branches and cut the leaves , Take care of... Day and night , discreet . Cultivating flowers and trees in the courtyard and terrace has become a place for her to pursue a happy life , A base for displaying skills and talents !

With the introduction of Duan laoru as a family treasure , My front room and back room , Find patiently in the corridor corner of the building , Watch carefully , Let me get lost in strange flowers and plants . Under the master's professional and skilled Introduction , Let me first know a kind of colorful , Brilliant succulent plants —— Master .

according to the understanding of , Succulent plant mages have 10 Multiple series , Dozens of varieties . I'm full of joy , Deeply aware of the size of the world , Wide world out there , I took some pictures with excitement , Now it's drying out and sharing with netizens .

【 Activity Introduction 】

The balcony is an extension of family space , Witnessing the happy life of millions of families .“ There is love on the balcony :2021 The most beautiful balcony mobile photography competition in ” Officially opened . A delicate and loving life , Let's start with the story on the balcony .

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