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Red spectrum ④: pull out "weeds" and "Yan'an"

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【 Hurdling language 】

Time is not the , If the time flow . How many thoughts , Through the back of time .

For a hundred years , The Communist Party of China has built up the spiritual pedigree of the Chinese Communists in its long struggle , Become the spiritual code for the party to move forward 、 Guide to action . In order to study and implement general secretary Xi Jinping “ 71 ” Spirit of important speech , We specially offer “ Red spectrum ” special column , Exploring the spiritual roots and history of the party's century of glory must be .

Yanhe River and Baota Mountain . Visual Chinese drawing

【 key word 】 Yan'an spirit

1941 year 1 month 5 Japan , yanan 《 Liberation daily 》 Publish current reviews ,“ stay ‘ Clean politics ’ On the ground , It is not allowed to have a Xiao Yubi style weeds growing ! If you have it, pull it out !”

Who is Xiao Yubi ? The Red Army's fighting hero with outstanding achievements ! However , From hero to “ Weeds ”, Only one “ sugar coated bullet ” Distance of . Xiao Yubi decayed rapidly after his injury , Embezzlement of public funds , Reselling supplies , According to the border law , He was eventually sentenced to death .

Xiao Yubi case , It is the epitome of Yan'an rectification movement . in fact , In Yan'an period, except for Xiao Yubi case , And Huang Kegong case and Liu Zhenqiu case , All three fell into the mire of their own selfish desires , Get the sanctions they deserve .

Placed in the context of the Centennial party history , The three major cases opened the curtain of comprehensively and strictly administering the party in the early stage , Establish Yan'an “ Clean politics ” Of the standard . Since then, ,“ Clean politics ”“ Any member of the Communist Party who violates the law shall be given a heavier punishment ” Become the common principle of the whole Party .

Strictly governing the party is the essential requirement of Marxist political parties . During the Yan'an period , Complete the style of study 、 Party style 、 Rectification of style of writing , Especially the rectification of the party's work style , We have stabilized the four beams and eight pillars of the party organization . The party's confidence and confidence are “ Clean earth ” Converging into the sea ,1946 year , Mao Zedong proposed “ All reactionaries are paper tigers ” The famous conclusion of , The flame of revolution , From Yangjialing cave to Kyushu .

General secretary Xi Jinping pointed out that ,“ We should continue to draw strength from the Yan'an spirit to run the party strictly in an all-round way ”. Yan'an clean government construction , It provides valuable samples and reference for today , Always inspire us , Seeing Party self-governance exercised fully and with rigor. , Keep the advanced nature of the party , Carry out self revolution and self-improvement to the end .

【 They say 】

Yan'an spirit is the most magnificent of China's new democratic revolution from getting out of difficulties to victory 13 The great revolutionary spirit bred in . Yan'an spirit is full of the original contributions of the Chinese Communists to Marxism , It is the main vein of the spiritual pedigree of the Communist Party of China , It will always nourish the spiritual home of the Chinese nation .

—— Professor, School of Marxism, Changsha University of technology Yu Naizhong

self-reliance 、 The entrepreneurial spirit of hard work , The spirit of serving the people wholeheartedly , Combining theory with practice 、 The spirit of continuous development and innovation , The ideological line of seeking truth from facts —— Yan'an spirit is our party's fine tradition and precious wealth , It used to be , Today is still the time for us to overcome difficulties 、 The magic weapon of victory . We should make good use of and inherit this spirit , Firmly take the road under your feet , March bravely towards the glorious other side of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation .

—— Sichuan Province 《 Mianyang daily 》 commentator Li Qiang

Yan'an spirit is by no means an abstract concept , It's us “ Remain true to our original aspiration 、 Keep in mind that the mission ” A strong spiritual pillar of , It is our “ self-reliance , The arduous struggle ” Precious spiritual wealth , It is our “ On a new journey , Achieve a new leap ” The inexhaustible spiritual power . For young people , Stand up like the towering backbone of pagoda mountain , Swagger across the “ The road of the grand pass ”, Finally, the clouds will be open to see the moon .

—— Students of Central South University Liu Jiale

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