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How does an electric car define luxury? Test drive Mercedes Benz EQC

2021-08-26 20:47:39 Oriental Information automobile

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As the first mass production pure electric car of Mercedes Benz SUV, Mercedes EQC The arrival of is a new starting point , Maybe its impact on us is not as good as EQS So violent , But are you as curious as I am , What tricks can the new power form play in the hands of the car inventor , What is the strength of this electric pioneer ? Now follow me to learn .

The driving experience is very traditional

Considering that this car has been on the market for a long time , I believe everyone has seen a lot on the road , So let's go beyond the exterior and interior , Go straight to the most important part —— Drive .

The first thing to know is this , Mercedes EQC The platform is dedicated to electric vehicles MEA platform , However, this platform is based on Mercedes Benz rear drive fuel vehicles MRA From the transformation of the platform , The direct point is to change oil to electricity . Of course, there's nothing to hide , After all, according to Mercedes Benz's electric vehicle development blueprint ,EQA、EQB And EQC They are all products developed based on the fuel vehicle platform in the first stage , and EQS And other models are the beginning of the second phase of Mercedes Benz's electrification plan .

This test drive EQC 400 4MATIC The model adopts double motor four-wheel drive structure , The maximum power on board is 300kW The motor of , Peak torque 730 cattle · rice ,0-100km/h Acceleration time is 5.1 second . Many friends feel 5.1 The 100 kilometer acceleration in seconds sounds like that , But the actual performance is still more convincing than the figures , At an hour 70 km / Under hours , As long as you press the switch to the bottom ,EQC You can press the back of your head on the headrest at any time . Of course , This process lasts about three seconds , near 2.5 Tons of weight makes EQC The rear acceleration ability is slightly weak .

A lot of people “ Oil to electricity ” Sniff at , They prefer to pursue new things , Especially for electric vehicles , I hope to have a different feeling . however , You can say that changing oil to electricity doesn't bring the freshness you want , But that doesn't mean it's not good enough . contrary ,EQC It creates the same driving experience as the fuel car , Let consumers switch seamlessly , Quietly feel the advent of the electric age .

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