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The three luxury cars that can best fit the poor look ugly but are actually worth millions. Remember to avoid them when you see them

2021-08-26 20:49:18 Oriental Information automobile

before , When we see people driving Mercedes Benz and BMW, we all think it's a proper millionaire , But now many luxury cars have taken the people-friendly route , An entry-level car may be 300000 or 400000 , People with a monthly salary of seven or eight thousand can afford to drive hard . But there are several cars in China that are very low-key , They seem “ ugly in one 's appearance ”, But it's a million dollar luxury car , If you meet someone, you'd better keep a distance , Otherwise, if there is a collision, you will suffer .

The first 1 One is the red flag L5, This car is one of the domestic brands “ Rolls-Royce ”, He has an official car temperament . The red flag L5 Known as the “ National car ” Known as the , Whenever there are major events in China , You can always see it . The red flag has its own classical and elegant temperament , The round lights on the front of the car look very old-fashioned . But the red flag L5 The interior adds a lot of sense of Technology , So it's also a combination of technology and classics . The conditions for buying red flag are very harsh , The person who can buy it must have a good background .

The first 2 One is Lexus LS, In Guangdong, people usually call it Lexus , It is a classic that many people can't forget . Although Lexus has now been reduced to the position of a second-line luxury car , But the quality of Lexus is as good as ever . And Lexus LS The price of this car is also up to millions , You can't touch it casually . Three luxury cars that can best fit the poor , It looks ugly , It's actually worth millions , See, remember to avoid .

The first 3 One is Volkswagen Phaeton , Everyone is familiar with this car , It is the representative of Volkswagen's top luxury cars , I believe you have heard such a saying : Not afraid of Mercedes and land rovers , I'm afraid of people wearing letters , That's the car . Although Volkswagen Phaeton has stopped production , But its legend is still circulating in the market , And now the owner of Volkswagen Phaeton , They are also very rich , When you see this car on the road, remember to give way in time .

Editor's summary : The car market is no longer what it used to be , Many luxury cars have sprung up on the market , They have far surpassed Mercedes Benz, BMW and Audi . If we are lucky enough to meet these three models on the road , Don't think these cars are worthless cars , Their prices can be higher and higher , Especially novice female drivers , You'd better keep... When you see this kind of car 5 Distance over meters .

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