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The fuel consumption is 5.6l, the 1.5T is 200 HP, the wheelbase is longer, and the household can't find any problems

2021-08-26 20:59:08 Auto Lab

Honda crv、 Let's have a good harvest 、 Nissan Qijun these joint ventures SUV It can be called an ace product , Occupy the market time early , Excellent quality , The advantage of high hedging rate , Has been sought after by consumers . In fact, joint ventures with high cost performance in today's domestic market SUV abound , Take the new Tucson L Come on , This car has the ability to match the Japanese SUV Model bidding .

Tucson L As a derivative of modern Tucson , Hyundai will improve the body size of this car , The dimension data of length, width and height reach 4670×1865×1690mm, The wheelbase to 2755mm, The size is close to medium SUV The level of , The improvement of wheelbase space indicates that the interior space of the car is spacious , Hyundai also adjusted the front and rear seat layout of the new models , Even if the height reaches 1 rice 8 The experimenter can feel the support of the seat improved when sitting in the front and rear rows . The seats of the above models in the middle configuration support electric adjustment , The seats of the top model have seat heating 、 The two functions of ventilation . The headrest above the seat can be adjusted freely , Very human . Adjust the seat to the appropriate driving position , Front row head space more than one punch , Large margin , Sitting in the front and back rows won't feel depressed .

The models above the medium configuration are also equipped with a large panoramic sunroof , The openable area of the skylight can reach 0.35 Square meters , The length and width are 1110×705mm, The size of panoramic sunroof reaches the upper middle level . New Tousheng L Also adjusted the loading capacity , The whole trunk floor is flat , The maximum depth can be extended to 1.78 rice , The trunk height reaches 7.3 rice , Can easily put down the size to 24 Inch suitcase .

The interior has a good sense of Technology , Hyundai replaced the car with a larger touch screen , Physical keys are provided at the bottom of the screen , Pay more attention to the practicability of daily use . The flat bottom steering wheel has a unique shape , The steering wheel is wrapped in leather , Most positions of the center console are decorated with soft materials , Feel comfortable . Hyundai also equipped the car with a front airbag 、 Take the initiative to brake 、 Adaptive cruise 、 Engine start and stop , Cup holder , Electronic anti-theft , Shift paddles , Car networking , Voice control and other configurations .

aesthetic , Tucson L The appearance of the is very novel , Even a little exaggerated . Hyundai is equipped with a larger size of China open , The vents are connected to the headlights on both sides , Have a sense of future , Also let this car get rid of the calm personality of the previous generation . Naturally, all headlights are standard LED The light source , Other configurations of headlights are very rich . The side of the car body is according to the traditional city SUV The style design of , The shape of the side of the car body is quite heavy ,C Column and D The column design is relatively short , The roof has a large inclination angle , Strong sense of design , In line with the aesthetic of young people .

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