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The sales volume was reduced from 229900 to 176000. The whole series has 7 large 9ats, which is too fragrant than Tiguan L

2021-08-26 21:03:32 Auto Lab

The guidance price of Volkswagen tuang is 20~30 Ten thousand yuan between , It's a medium and large joint venture SUV Evergreen trees in the field , Plus Tiguan L、 Toyota Highlander these medium-sized cars also have 7 Models with seat layout exist , Make others 7 It is difficult for a car with a seat layout to find a sense of existence in this field , Chevrolet's pioneers are one of them . The domestic version of the pioneer was launched late , This is not an advantage , However, the pioneer has a very good cost performance , The guidance price is only 22.99~32.99 ten thousand , The reference price of entry-level models has fallen to 17.6 ten thousand , The price discount is very large , It seems that Chevrolet has to fight for sales .

At present, the pioneers on the market are 2021 models , All standard 2.0T+9AT Such a powertrain , The engine has reached... Rpm 1500~4000rpm Can be output when 350Nm Maximum torque of , And this engine has the function of intelligent cylinder change , According to the driving speed 、 Switch the number of cylinders according to the road conditions , It can effectively improve fuel economy , just 9 You can increase the speed to 100 Km / h , And the car is also equipped with an electronic parking system , The measured speed is from 100 Km / h to stationary braking distance is 41.8 rice , The minimum fuel consumption per 100 km is 7.4 l , Fuel economy is higher than that of Toyota Highlander .

Pioneers provide 5 seat 、7 There are two different seat layouts , Chevrolet is designed inside the car 40 Other storage compartments with different sizes , Water glass 、 mobile phone 、 Wallets have their own location , At the same time, Chevrolet also equipped the car with a larger trunk , The conventional volume of the trunk reaches 1027 l , Far beyond the crown road , Moreover, the rear seats of this car are almost flat after being put down as a whole , The maximum volume can be extended to 1970 l , The maximum depth can be raised to 1930mm, Good loading capacity .

Chevrolet also adjusted the interior design of domestic models , By equipped with round air conditioning vents , In addition, the red lines decorated at the vent position create a retro atmosphere for the interior . The four piece multifunctional steering wheel is somewhat traditional , The leather fabric wrapped on the steering wheel feels good . The centre console is equipped with 8 Inch LCD dashboard , In addition to the conventional parameters, the oil temperature can also be displayed / Life and other information .

aesthetic , The comprehensive performance of the pioneer's car is also good , The front face revealed a ruthless force , Because Chevrolet is equipped with split headlights , Plus the color matching of pure black , Make this car look particularly cold . The headlights of the front of the vehicle are all made of LED The light source , At the same time, it integrates automatic headlights , Height adjustment , Delay off these three functions , Than the public Tiguan L Too much fragrance .

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