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Avita technology of Chang'an automobile was listed for capital increase and share expansion

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  [ Car home information ]  8 month 21 Japan , Changan Automobile issued an announcement , Avita Technology Co., Ltd., a holding subsidiary of the company ( Avita Technology ) It is planned to increase capital and shares through public listing in Chongqing United equity exchange , introduce 2 Home to 5 Investors , At the same time, the company will pay the same price 、 Participate in this capital increase in the form of non-public agreement .

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   Announcement shows that , Before the capital increase, Chang'an Automobile held avita technology 95.3785% equity ; After the capital increase , Changan Automobile holds the equity proportion of avita technology , Subject to the results of this public listing transaction and the actual subscription amount of the capital increasing party , However, the shares held by the original shareholders shall not be less than 39%.

   Chang'an auto said , The purpose of this capital increase is to accelerate “ Shangri la plan ” Layout and implementation of , The need to achieve the company's long-term development goals . This capital increase will introduce high-quality social capital , Establish a corporate governance mechanism in line with market demand 、 Management system and operation mechanism , Enhance the core competitiveness of avita Technology , Boost the accelerated development of new energy vehicle business . This capital increase does not involve employee resettlement .

   And then , This capital increase project appears on the official website of Chongqing equity exchange . Information display on official website , The project plans to increase capital and shares in cash , Changan Automobile participated in this capital increase in the form of non-public agreement , The price is consistent with that of external investors . After the capital increase , Avita technology's original shareholders hold no less than 39%. The starting and ending date of the project listing is 8 month 23 solstice 10 month 21 Japan .

   According to the information disclosed by the capital increase project , The intended investors of avita technology's capital increase and share expansion project are divided into strategic investors and financial investors . among , Strategic investors ( Or its affiliates ) It should be a leading enterprise in the field of intelligent networking or new energy , Focus on the main business , There is no business competition with the capital increase enterprise ; Financial investors ( Or its affiliates ) Should have strong investment experience in the new energy intelligent networked automobile industry chain , Investment cases shall not be less than 3 individual .

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   The data shows , Avita technology was formerly known as Chang'an Weilai New Energy Vehicle Technology Co., Ltd , Founded on 2018 year 10 month , Legal representative: Tan benhong , The registered capital 28800 Ten thousand yuan . At the beginning of the enterprise , Changan Automobile and Weilai automobile have the same shareholding ratio , Later, after a series of equity changes and capital increase , Proportion of Chang'an 95.3785%, There are only about 4.6215% shares . before , Changan Automobile said , Avita technology will be fully market-oriented , Operate independently , Independent development , With Chang'an automobile 、 Huawei 、 Ningde times joins hands to create a global leader 、 Autonomous and controllable intelligent electric networked vehicle platform (CHN), Create a rich series of intelligent automobile products , structure “ People and cars ” Smart life and smart energy ecology .( compile / Car home Li na )

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