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It's called big V, and Qichen's new SUV appears. This appearance can fight well

2021-08-26 21:32:41 Oriental Information automobile

In the car circle , People know that brand is the key , But what is the use of a brand ? For example, in the same market , Products with similar strength , People always give priority to bigger brands , In contrast, other cars have a lot less exposure and attention . But apart from the brand , There are many other ways to increase exposure , For example, easy to remember names , Another example is the brilliant appearance . In the recent , Qichen brand new SUV Officially unveiled , Name it big V And it has a high face value , You can have a good fight .

Like many other independent brands , Qichen has changed a lot in strength in recent years , From platform to hardware to various scientific and technological equipment , Qichen is no longer the former Qichen who mainly relies on Nissan's elimination technology . This has greatly improved Qichen's reputation in the circle , Qichen has also built many new models in recent years , From the beginning of the T90 Go to the Qichen star in the back , Qichen gained a good reputation , But in terms of sales, they still can't fully open their fire .

This happens , The main reason is that people didn't know enough about Qichen in the past . And this new SUV Is to break the deadlock , From the perspective of naming , Named big V Yes, it does take a memorable and very atmospheric name , Compared to other members of the family , It adopts this sharp and mainstream aesthetic design , Finally, we can carry it with those high-profile opponents .

In terms of positioning , Kai Chen Da V The body of the car is 4562/1917/1625mm, The wheelbase is 2700mm, It belongs to a standard compact SUV. So it has many opponents , From the partial equilibrium of Geely boyue , To Chang'an with a young personality CS55 PLUS、 Harvard red rabbit, etc , It's a competitive product .

And in the past , Facing these opponents , Due to popularity and other reasons, it may be difficult for Qichen to really have a face-to-face confrontation with them . But now , Big V Its beauty gives it an advantage that can be remembered at a glance , This advantage can make people still think about its design after repeated comparison , This is the benefit of high appearance .

And in addition to design , Kai Chen Da V It is also a product based on a new platform , It was carrying 190 horsepower 1.5T The engine , At the same time, it will also be equipped with rich scientific and technological equipment , Combined with the pricing that Qichen has always been close to the people , This car is still worth looking forward to .

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